Amateur tuner, anyone up for testing a tune?

It’s been months since I’ve tackled racing with no assists now I want to get into tuning, have a few tunes out there that are decent, but was wondering if anyone is up for trying out my tune for the 1965 Cobra 427 S/C tuned for A-Class?

About the car…

Good for accel and handling, likes to go wide on exit with heavy throttle. The tracks I use this on is Long Beach, Road Atlanta, and Sebring (short)… so far


Speed : 6.4

Handling : 6.0

Accel : 8.8

Brake: 5.7

Tune info…

A-Class (700)

File Name: Shelcob (or something weird like this)

Tuner: Silent0saint

Text: Decent speed and handling to get you around the track.

If you tried it, would love to hear your opinions/what I could do to improve it…send me a message here on the forums or post here if you like, also if you want to message me on xbox that is all good too, add my GT if you like.

Tried it. Definitely a whole lot better than mine for this car lol. Has a little understeer powering out of sweeping corners. Has great pull in 2nd and 3rd gear. I ran it around sanoma and sebring and would have done quite well if not for a couple idiots. I will be using this in my regular rotation. Its a good, stable, and easy to drive tune.

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Thanks for checking this out, ya I have to figure out what to adjust to lower the understeer, it really kills lap times in Rio with the three sweepers around the start/finish, I’ll to a few laps around Rio sometime and see what the telemetry says.

If you have any tunes you want tested, I’m all for it.

I have a few floating out there. I think the ones i have shared are kind of odd balls (awd plymouth prowler for rain) so i wouldnt worry about finding them lol. The understeer of your car doesnt show up on the slow corners and it is really stable coming out. I will hopefully have a cojple clean races on sebring to try this on. It seemed to really like that track. I actually have raced against you several times, so ill be sure to use your own tune against you lol. I have always wanted to see someone racing one of mine agaist me.