Am i the only one NOT having any problem with game's economy ?

Depends on the day. I should have 3 million CR today or 1.5 and the Zonda from the SD. But even last hour - 2 races mod loaded end up CTD and the second one was probably 350 yards in the first was spitting distance from the finish line. This annoys me but only because the SD cars are on a time limit and I don’t know if they will circulate again. Besides that issue, they give out plenty of cars in level up etc and I think many people forget that. I kind of figure if they give you a choice of the car or 50k even if you do not want the car if it is 400K then the auction when it opens will cash up better- 375 cars Tier 28. I estimate that at least 50% were free and 25% discounted.

you’ve already put in 60hours? well no wonder. Not everyone has that kind of free time to put in to a video game. Some people have jobs, chores and family duties. I’ve gotten may maybe 2 or 3 hours a week in.

How do the bonuses work for changing the race length? Say a default length 3-4 lap race pays out 11K, how does that change with longer race options?

The base payout is mostly based off the distance driven. With long races you’re looking at 7 laps for the 2.5 minute/lap tracks, 10 laps for 2 minute/lap tracks, and more for the really short tracks. They’re timed to give you roughly 15-20 minutes of driving time, without rewinds.

For that amount of distance you’re usually looking at a base payout of 40-50k.

Which works out to around 150k per hour of racing.

I totally quote you

I believe it’s worked out on distance driven, so for instance, as an example only

4 lap race = 12,000cr so that’s 3,000cr per lap, 1 lap is 3 miles, so 1,000cr per mile driven. Simplified, that means 20 laps would be 60,000cr and 30 laps would be 90,000cr and so on.

Different tracks give different rewards per mile. 50 laps around Indianapolis Brickyard circuit gives 110,000cr, 50 laps around Tri-Oval at Daytona yields 88,000cr but both tracks are 2.5 miles long but Daytona you can average under 40s per lap, whereas Indianapolis you’d be looking at around 50s per lap in the same car, so more driving time.

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Gosh, if you really did 50 laps in oval tracks, man i clearly admire you.
At 10 laps i’m already drowsy.


Yep, done it several times in a row. Caffeine helps a lot…


I feel the same. I especially love that I have to work to get the special cars.


25 laps round the ring GP circuit in the BMW FE car is my current grinding event…

Although basically stopped playing FM7 and FH3 at the moment my gaming interest now lies elsewhere…

Have fun hunting :wink: !

Oh yes… :slight_smile: 15 hours with only a few short breaks on Saturday…

Now using a .338 with Magnum Poly tipped bullets… Stops just about anything!!!

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I don’t have a problem with the economy at all. Sure, I’ve been low on credits at times, but it didn’t take me long to earn those credits back. I dropped to maybe 100k after buying the Pagani, in just a few hours of racing a night, or less, I’m back up to almost a million.

It’s really not that hard to earn credits in Forza, never has been.



I was down to 50k and did some long career races in cars I liked with mod cards of all sorts and quickly got back up to 800k. Then spent 200 plus upgrades on a car I needed for seeker championship.

If I didn’t spend I would have several million just laying around.

Mod crates ( 20 or 50k) always net me more than cost thanks to long race lengths. Mod crates are only a problem if you use them as a way to get rare stuff and your credit balance is low. This applies to many folks which mirrors reality. Many folks are clueless when it comes to managing funds.

Crazy that the game teaches life lessons but not proper racing etiquette. Lmao.

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Just buy the 20 and 50K mod crates and race longish races and it’s fairly easy to earn cash …


I’m having no problem obtaining credits. I’ve not done a single grind, not used any of my VIP mods, buy every car from speciality/level up etc, waste money on 240k driver suit crates - and still have 7m credits in the bank.

I play pro drivatards, long races, always have 3 mods active and buy 50k mod crates as and when I need to. I’m waiting on VIP x2 credits to do the endurance races, except for the Nurburgring one which I did before I knew they were changing it.

Driver level 192, collector level 24, 146 hours played.

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Good Lordy… Almost 6.5 hours a day, every day since the game was released to VIP’s.

This illustrates one of the ways the community is divided between haves and have-not-as-much.

If you play 6 hours a day, of course you’re going to have lots of credits but that’s probably .1% of the player base.

Not that people that play 6 hours a day shouldnt have lots of credits, they should, we just need to understand that isn’t an option for the vast majority of people.


If you’re the type of player who plays for multiple hours a day, or doesn’t “need” a large collection of cars, the economy and progression systems are pretty well-balanced.

If you’re the type of player who only has time to play for an hour a week (due to work/family etc.) then things are more difficult.

It’s hard to strike a balance between these 2 extremes but after playing for a few weeks I think Forza Motorsport 7 has it almost right. The Driver Level rewards system is much better this time round as you have choices to make and it’s not all down to chance.


It’s not that bad tbh I only have like an hour or two to play for week days, (which is going to disappear because Destiny 2 is coming out for PC) yet I can make back a few million worth each week. The issues comes if you accept every prize car the game offers you’ll run out of credits very fast very easily.