Am I shadowbanned?

When I try to join Horizon Life this happens.

Some people says this IPsec code appears when I’m shadowbanned.

However I did nothing wrong.

I didn’t use any cheats, hacks, trainers.

Please tell me if I’m shadowbanned.

If I’m not banned tell me a solution.

plz help me

yes, the picture shows a high probability of a ban.

however, it can also be caused by certain network combinations.

therefore the first way would be to clarify whether it is really a ban. simply open a ticket at support and ask.
depending on the answer:
a) yes, it is a ban.
can and must not help you here

b) no, it is not a ban
then it won’t be easy. but not impossible.

let’s ask differently:
how does a new account behave on the same device?
xbox or pc?

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They said my “device” is banned. I think it was caused by my brother’s illegal account. Thanks for your help.

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On Xbox
Settings>Network>Check Multiplayer