Am I right in assuming the Play Anywhere digital version will work with Xbox One X?

Or are MS going to try and stiff us and make us buy a separate Xbox One X version?

And will it work fully like the PC version with 4K and a higher LOD etc?

The play anywhere digital version will work on the original xbone .the xbone S and the xbone X as well as PC

Excellent. But what the visual differences between the One and One X versions?

What about the graphics engine this time anyway? Is it a new one? DX12 or still based on the old DX11 engine which will obviously limit it and fail to make use of the new console except for 4K?

I mean T10 already said that they couldn’t get wet racing at night into FM6 because of technical limitations. So I assume we can kiss that goodbye since this is coming out for Xbox One. They’re not going to put it into the PC and One X versions.

There is no difference or different game versions for any game from any source for Xbox One games. They’re all the same and have the same content no matter which Xbox One you play them on. (Also goes for PC games) The only difference is in the quality of the graphics and the performance of the various systems.

Dynamic weather and day/night cycles are in the game whether it’s played on a One S or a One X.


4K textures, HDR, and faster load times. You probably won’t get any microstuttering if that happens on regular Xbox (as in FH3 freeroam sometimes).