I pretty much only play FORZA 5 online and as my racing and experience have improved I seem to have finally found myself with a problem.

I have found that no matter what make or model of car, usually class A, I drive or how I set it up through adjustments or downloading a tune, I often get beaten by someone who is quicker than me. Now I wouldn’t mind so much except that when I see what car they are driving and go to “buy cars” to get one myself I find that I can’t have one unless I pay for a car pack. Again I don’t mind if I get beaten by someone in similar machinery but it seems that every time I check to see who won the race they are always driving a car that costs extra.

Am I getting ripped off because I bought a game with under-performing cars and I must pay more than the £45 already handed over if I want to compete fairly?

Are the cars bought in packs slightly quicker than the ones already in the game?

If I am being beaten fair and square then I will just have to do better. I just want to know!

Any help much appreciated!


You would have to list the specific car. Some of the dlc cars are also leaderboard cars. it is possible that they are in a leaderboard car. However there is a good possibility you are being beaten by a better driver.

I will agree that this is the most likely reason. Sure, vehicle availability and selection play a role in determining who has access to what; but, without a good driver behind the controls of that vehicle, a car by itself - DLC or otherwise - is essentially non-competitive.

Original poster: if your Forza Rewards stats are correct, you have to remember that some people have been playing Forza as far back as the original in 2005 and their level of experience and knowledge of the game’s physics and tuning system is likely to be far greater than what you currently possess. That in itself gives those players a huge advantage over you.

Furthermore, I am confident that if you were to convince those drivers to switch to a vehicle accessible to yourself, there is a good chance that they will still beat you more often than not. In short: don’t simply look at the vehicle as the reason you are losing. Look at yourself and find the ways that you can better your driving and competitiveness based on the vehicles that you have available to you … after all, this is how race drivers do it in the real world.

However, if you insist on finding unfairness in your situation, I suggest befriending other gamers who will kindly race with you in a private lobby in which you decide whether or not certain vehicles can be driven.

Thanks for the replies!

I can assure you that I am not looking for unfairness in this situation I simply wanted to rule it out. I know that my experience and lap times have improved and I know they will contnue to do so as time goes on.


You are not getting ripped off.

Even using the same car I have been humbled many times.

Some cars have different upgrades and some drivers are simply more skilled.

Then there are cars that are superior to others depending on the track.

Alfa 33 stradale?

There are a handful of cars in car packs that in the right hands cannot be beaten under most circumstances. The vast majority of cars in the car packs, though, are average for the most part. In previous forzas there were always a few leaderboard-type cars that came out through DLC and FM5 is no exception. In previous games there were a few cars added that completely trumped every other car in the class and if you didn’t have that car you weren’t going to be doing well (porsche 550 in FM3 and 787B and C9 in FM4). From what I can remember, most of the DLC cars that are on top of the leaderboard in FM5 can be beaten by other cars that came from the disc. Odds are you won’t be running into guys at the top of the leaderboard online and therefore it is possible to beat these people, though it may be very difficult.

Not to mention swerve, most the guys at the top of the leaderboards will not be in the leaderboard car they ran on the track. However there are some very good racers, who don’t set blistering leaderboard times because they do not hotlap however are still very fast. Often times you wont find these guys in a lobby either, they usually reserve to private lobbies with other competitive friends or race leagues.

Absolutely correct!

So OP, what we’re saying is basically the fastest you’ll see online on occasion is guys running low end top 100s. Ive seen much faster, but its been many many months since I’ve seen that and when I did it was with a D class mini. In other words, the fastest guys who still are racing online are putting down low ends top 100s-top350/400s on average.

You don’t need DLC to run those laps.

you can also try to run the GT hopper where there are no DLC cars.

It’s a fact that there are some very quick DLC cars that once tuned correctly are very difficult to beat on certain tracks. If that wasn’t the case there would be little point in purchasing car packs so personally I don’t see a problem. However, picking up on the private lobby suggestion to make racing closer, I’d like to see slightly more restricted lobby’s to narrow down the car type being used. It’s a bit unrealistic joining a grid in your A class road car alongside a Transit Van and an open wheel Formula E