Always the same car at startup

Hi guys,

Does anyone have an issue that when launching game, the active car is always the same. For me I’m always starting game with Supra.


Not in this game yet. I have played since 5th when early access started. But I know what you’re talking about because that happens sometimes to me in FH4 (Audi I chose as my first car) and FM7 (Civic).

every other time it seems im starting with the first car i picked

Me too.
For a while it was putting me in the new Corvette Stingray Coupe.
Afetr I painted that and put a tune on it, so as to at least enjoy the car I’m in the game then started spawning me in with the horrible yellow Bronco.

I’ve done the same again. I’ve put a paint job / livery and a tune on it and … We’ll see if it makes any difference later when I boot it back up.
No doubt if that works it’ll just put me in something else i’ve no desire to be in.

Anyway, will keep ya posted.

Yes, same here.

No matter what car I’m in when leaving the game, when I come back, I am always in my Corvette that I chose as the first car right after the start.
Pretty annoying.

I’m back and for now at least it seems to be fixed.

Upgrading and painting the cars that Forza put me in must have done the trick. Now 3 times in a row I’ve spawned in what I was last driving.

I’m back again and it wasn’t fixed by upgrades/paint at all.
I’ve discovered that it always happens when I leave FH5 in the BMW X5 FE, I’ll load in with the Bronco every time.
If I leave with other cars out it’s fine.

This happens whenever you’re in a DLC car when you quit. Same thing happened in FH4.

Yellow Bronco for me.

It usually works for me but when its screwed its the tuned corvette for me as well.

Serves you right for picking a Corvette

Sometimes I have same issue, but it is Ford Bronco.

never happen to me with autoshowcars and playlistcars
but always happen for me if I quit the game while sitting in a carpass-car

that bug is just carried over from FH4…

No, it didnt. Never had it on FH4.

Please keep in mind that the fact that it didn’t occur to you doesn’t mean it didn’t to anybody and therefore the bug does not exist.