Alpine A424 2024 (LMDh racing spec)

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Alpine A424 (LMDh race spec)


You will need wait, it will only come out on 2024 and it doesnt plans to race on IMSA in moment
WEC Cars are licenced to anoother company excluvitly for now

Alpine does not intend to race in the IMSA SportsCar Championship.



Wait did they changed their minds?

What do you mean ?

They didn’t. Alpine can’t run IMSA based on the manufacturer rules of entry the series has. This article is extremely misleading. IMSA requires all manufacturers running in any series of theres unless it’s a spec prototype class like LMP2 or LMP2 to have sold a minimum of 2500 production vehicles to consumers in the US market, which covers the US and Canada. IMSA does this to allow for consumers to go into a dealer and buy a race winning manufacturers car as a form of promotion. This rule unfortunately means that the Alpine A242 Beta, The Peugeot 9x8, The Glickenhaus 007LMH, and the Vanwall Vandervell 680 cannot join the GTP class. Even for large events like the Rolex Daytona 24hr and Mobil 1 Sebring 12hr


Here’s some pictures of the A424 Beta

The car is powered by a 3.4 litre single turbo V6 constructed by Mechachrome which has been married to the spec Williams hybrid unit found it every LMDh. The chassis supplier is the same as the Acura ARX-06 Type S that being Oreca. The combination of power must be capped at 670hp due to regulations and may change due to platform balance of potential. Alpine has committed to run a minimum of 4 seasons with the A424 Beta with racing partner Signatech. The name is very simple broken down. The A stands for Alpine. The 4 represents that this is an endurance model, as it is the replacement to their old Rebellion R-13 called the A480. The 24 simply represents the cars debut year being 2024. This car made its first public appearance today during the celebrations of the centennial lemans and will make its on track public debut next year with both the number 35 and 36 Signatech Alpine cars during the WEC prologue in Qatar


Once the final race ready form’s complete commence the addiction sequence!

Today marks Alpines 3rd public test with this car and first with a non fully exposed carbon body which means things are finally getting dialled in. It was at Jerez and the 2 drivers testing were Nicolas Lapierre and Mick Schumacher

Gotta say this shade of blue is one of the best I’ve seen on a race car


This really needs to be in Forza Motorsport! Also because Motorsports just needs wayyy more modern cars.

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(Vote for Jerez)


Of the new Hypercars we are gonna see next year for WEC, Im really hyped for this beast, I think it will make an amazing addition for the new Forza and add more flavor to the Forza Proto-H category. This car is a must have once it debuts its full race ready form next year at Qatar.

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Lights at the back of the car are the alpine’s logos!
Nice touch :smile:

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Full racing colours February 7th!
Keep accelerating the votes of the A424 as it’s one amongst the top 30 most requested cars for the game itself!

Now with the full complete race ready form of the Alpine A424 '24 get those votes racked up for the more recognition of the Forza Motorsport '23’s car roster!


Here are some more photos of the revealed livery for this car, it looks siiiick. We need this and the other wec/imsa hypercars cars to be in the game


Pov of the A424 at Qatar 1812km, this things sounds amazing with the mechachrome v6. We definitely need it in the game.