Alone in Horizon Life

Neraly none AI traffic in Horizon Life and less other players as before the patch and those few other players still disappear randomly.

And the drivertars in Horizon Solo are just anoying rammers.

So both modes are not very nice atm… and need fixes.

Arcade alone is now possible but it would be cool to arcade with others…

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one step forward: two steps back.

PG Games failing to address issues properly:


Turniing arcade from co-op team event to a solo event…instead of actually fixing the problem which is online map not being populated properly.

On the upside:

2018 BMW M5: Corrected colour in front left brake calliper


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Yeah… I also noticed there is almost no traffic on the roads.
And the rare occasion there is, the AI cars either spawn 10 meters in front of you, causing you to crash into them, or they despawn (disappear) the moment they enter your draw distance. It is almost as if PlayGround Games couldn’t afford enough AI cars to fill the map so we have to to share all 5 AI cars between all players in the session :smiley:

I feel the AI becoming a rammer has something to do with the fact the AI is able to outperform players on higher difficulties thanks to their performance buffs.
This forces players to be more aggressive and rely on having to push them off the road.
As a result the AI inherits this behaviour, which makes them do it in turn on all difficulties, making it worse experience for everyone.

Cars spawning in front of player must be pc problem.

Usually happens when I am doing 300km/h+, it could be lag from server. They literally just poof into existence out of nowhere sometimes. Sometimes they vanish completely when I see them on the edge of my draw distance.

This is a feature, not a bug. It’s the all new Horizon Purgatory ™! In the place between Horizon Life and Horizon Death, lies Horizon Purgatory.