Allow us to Choose Class and Race Type

It’s a pain having to build cars and then rely on RNG to have the race conditions you want.

Bring back the voting system like it’s always been.


You do know that you don’t get to choose anything with the voting system, right? With the voting system it is always the majority that makes the decision for you. So the words “choise” and “voting” should never be mentioned together. The voting system was the most stupid thing ever that let the normies make every single race S2/S1 tarmac. I’d much rather have it the way it is now than going back to that horrific S2 tarmac pleb fest that the voting system gave us. I’m all for the developers giving us one tab for each discipline, so that instead of clicking on races, games or Free-For-All, we would get the option to click on races, games, Free-For-All road race, Free-For-All street, Free-For-All dirt, Free-For-All cross country or Free-For-All mixed adventure, when starting a new adventure. I would be for having tabs for each class also but I’m afraid all but S2 and S1 lobbies would be empty ,like it was in FH3. (In FH3 you could find A class lobbies that was populated but then you couldn’t choose between race types so there was way less types of libbies than in my scenario.)


This. I’d expect the playerbase is big enough to support A, S1, S2 for each as well. Maybe B as well. B would be fun.

It’d be cool for car class/group to be implemented as well - i.e., give an extreme off-road vehicle a short head start on tarmac, while giving hyper cars and such a short head start on offroad courses. It’d have to be implemented really carefully based on best possible lap times per group, and so won’t ever happen, but it would be cool. Rather than all, say, rally monsters being totally useless in S2, give them a head start.

This would achieve the feel of mixed-class racing and potentially make way more cars useful /competitive. I’d like to drive the TVR speed and the Daytona less often than I do.

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They could give us just a couple of choises regarding classes, for example: S2/S1 or A/B/C/D, and then the game picks class at random within those two options. That way there should be a big enough player base.

And if needed they could do the same with race types, let us choose between road/street, dirt/cross country or mixed adventures.

in FH3 B and A class racing was quite common often times those would win out big time over any playground game or the offroad types. S1 or 2 road races would generally win if they came up but aside from some bad days where S class would literaly be the only option in all 3 slots lower class racing was still a thing in the vote lobbies. If there was a flaw in the vote lobbies it was that it went left to right in priority so if the left then middle options both had 8 votes the left would win regardless. It should have gone by first one to reach the tie vote.

I tried FH4 online and after a night of S class only which was full of terrible quality players i simply quit all pvp racing in the game. Its frustrating and immensly boring being stuck in the most done to death class bracket in the game… Afterall you need S+ to get 3 stars in almost any speed zone or trap or those mad dash cross country things. S+ is helpfull if not required for danger signs, S+ is most commonly used for drift zones and S+ is pretty much all you see at a foze live (because they are just PR stunts anyway, hence S+)

WAAAAAY to much S+ or get out bias in the game as it stands

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Why cant we just pick whatever class, race type combo we want, and if theres not enough people to fill a roster with use drivatards? Or better yet, OFFLINE adventure with the same options.

*mic drop, walks off stage.

*walks back onto stage and cries, because playground will never do it


You can submit all suggestions & feedback here.

I tried that regarding this, I believe this gif represents what happened to my request.


LOL, I imagined it’s more like the mailroom from the grinch who stole Christmas.

On a serious note, I really really want class/type choice of adventure mode. Its straight up dead to me now. I have less than zero interest in wasting several minutes queuing up for a race combo I will probably dislike(s2 anything), or straight up loath(s2 winter road). I haven’t played adventure in months, and letting us play solo(update on 15th) isnt gonna help.

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Could you confirm your ticket number?

Building cars really is the issue with the current system having no choice. What am I supposed to do, put in the time to build and tune a car for all 6 classes for all 3 race types? We’re talking 18 freaking cars. If it’s meant to be competitive how could I not specialize in a type and class??? What’s worse is it penalizes you for leaving too. I drop into a race and it has me in a cross country race which I’m soooooo not interested in and have no cars built for and it penalizes me for leaving. I’d love to get competitive but I can’t with this range of random possibilities.

Honestly being able to tune on the fly would make a big difference for me. If I could tune the car between racing or while I’m waiting for a race to start (for forever, I’m not sure what’s going on the game doesn’t say it’s loading I just look at the roster for what feels like 10 min) then that’d be something. I could make adjustment I notice each race but I can’t do that. I have to wait for the whole thing to be over and leave before making a small adjustment that I cant even test in another competition because it probably won’t be the same class and type next time.

Give different competitive leagues for each class and race style and if twelve people don’t join WHO CARES twelve cars is a ridiculous number for a race with no qualifier anyway.