All in-game progress lost

Hi all,

I am a long-time Forza fan, and FH4 was one of the games I was the most sucked in to of all. I have spent over 3,000 hours in the game and done everything there was to do. Needless to say, after playing for 1-2 years straight, I lost some interest in the game. I uninstalled the game from my PC, and I did not have the urge to come back to it until just a few days ago. When I reinstalled the game, it prompted me to pick which save I would like to use–giving me a choice between my local save file and the one in the cloud. Next to the local save file was a little note that informed me that the local save was the most up to date. Naturally, I picked that one. To my surprise, when the save finally finished syncing, I was doing the FH4 intro again. This was odd, seeing as I had not done this intro in a few years at this point. I reluctantly went through with it, hoping that once I completed it I would be back where I was in progress; however, that was not the case. I lost all 3,000+ hours worth of work for seemingly no reason. The odd thing is that whenever I do a speed trap, for example, it still shows my previous records from before my progress was lost. And when I am in my tuning/design menu, I am able to see all my liveries and saved tunes from before. It seems like the game knows that I have a lot of progress in the game, but reset my money and event progress. I have also checked my ban history just to make sure that I wasn’t banned, and it says that I have no bans on record. My Forza Hub also backs up all the stats that I have in game.

I apologize for the mini essay, but I figured I would give as much information as I can. I am looking for a way to potentially reinstate my progress from before and play one of my favorite Forza games from the point that I worked so hard to get to. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I am willing to provide any additional info that might be necessary to help solve this.

TL:DR - After selecting a (seemingly) corrupted save file, I have lost all 3,000+ hours worth of progress in game. The game still has all of my event records, saved tuning setups, and livery designs; however I have lost all of my cars and credits. I have no bans on history.