All game sounds through headset?

Hmm… I see!

Perhaps best to look for unlimited packages then. I’ve personally never gone for internet packages with data caps, they just don’t make sense to me.

From what I’ve heard from various Aussies I’ve spoken to through the years on a multitude of games, a lot of the times the choice is capped, or no internet at all. Australia’s internet service is rather subpar by the majority of accounts I’ve heard.

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Maybe bought a steering wheel setup for it

The problem for me regarding internet is i live in a rural area, the only option here is 3g mobile accss which works ok but a maximum plan is only 10gb with all excess data being $10gb…so i purchased 3 plans @ $40 each to give me 30gb simply because the game chews through 15gb per month offline !

In the city areas there is fibre optic, satelite, ADSL, a few options - but in the country its 3G or dial up lol…

Have a look at the NBN satelite or fixed wireless option Im on the Fixed Wireless Rural area near Mount Hallen QLD and get only very spotty mobile Coverage if any via ALDI pre paid who use Telstra no other providers work here on a very good day I can send a txt message but calls are very spotty and as for 3g/4g internet forget it.

I get Unlimited data at 25mbs down and 5mbs up for about $75 a month no fixed contract as well as VOIP home phone, through WestNet who have merged with IINet, have a look at ther web sites and see if you can get the NBN through them there cheaper than most ISP providers and service is reasonable. My internet usage is over 900gig a month due to using Streaming services NetFlix, Stan, Amazon Prime as well as apps for watching Anime and Movies not on the others and of course games.

Sounds good, but unfortunately we need to re roof soon…so a satelite dish will have to wait until then. Already have to move the TV dish …
Last time i checked the plans they were expensive with little DL…seems they have improved.

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whereabouts in Australia are you

I’m just out of the Melbourne CBD and our internet is poor, adsl 2 barely 10 Mpbs But it’s unlimited at least
seems they are upgrading outer suburbs to NBN first before inner

SA mate, about 200k north of Adelaide. Pretty much in the middle of farmland.
It was a recent move, been living near the coast driving my Sandman for most of my life, 100gb per month with ADSL was a luxury…but when i moved out here for the simple life and went to hook up the internet optus laughed…no ADSL, only Dialup or 3G.

Good news though, yesterday i went for a look at the new deals, a whopping 140gb per month on my data sim for only $70 a month. I signed up today :slight_smile:
(its not unlimited and its not real fast but its good enough)

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Wow… you think 10MB on download is a bad deal?!!

How much of that bandwidth do you get?

Well, how bizarre mate!

I’m from the third world and on a DSL connection, 4mb down/1mb up, unlimited data. Never had any issues - more than enough for game downloads, video streaming and MP gaming.

upload is only 0.4 Mbps…that’s where I get killed

it is pretty rubbish compared to the rest of this area
especially when you have people getting 100 Mbps 5 kms away for half the cost
constantly getting poor connection messages when online