Alfa Romeo GTV 2020-current

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As far as I know there’s (sadly) no Alfa GTV currently in production. The last GTV was type 916 which was replaced by Brera in 2005.

I believe this one goes back to the rumored GTV, and it wasn’t cleaned out of the dataset until after Oct. 23

Found it, that one probably go cancelled in the wake of the Corona Pandemic and the economic downturn that was caused by that

In all likelihood, the 8C was replaced by the 33S that was revealed a few months ago, the GTV fell off due to bad prospects

Yes, I think I’ve seen that. Shame really it didn’t materialize.

Yeah, the only thing that really materialized from that map was the CUV (Tonale)

The rest were probably cancelled sometime during 2020, when the entire lineup was paired down to a whole 2 cars.

About that 8C, it wasn’t probably planned, it was definitely planned to come out recently

The focus got shifted to Maserati though, with that, we got the MC20 and the new 33S

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