AI Traffic is idiotic

For whatever reason while I’m racing around, the traffic seems to turn into the middle of the opposite lane and stop, before turning right. Its very frustrating when trying to collect skill points and a rouge car is all the sudden turning into you for no reason. Does this happen to anyone else?

Yes, I’ve experienced this too. This is on the highway by the tunnels.

XboxOne in my case.

Why The Forza Horizon 4 AI Need To Learn To Drive - YouTube This video explains it best. They act random and weird. I once found a traffic Golf III in tbe middle of the field. I don’t remember such problems in previous games…


LOL, this is quite entertaining to watch. Actually, it would add some reality to the game, if a few AI cars would act like that randomly - you will get to see accidents occasionally (like in real life).

It seems like AI thinks that they are allowed to turn around there. It’s most likely a bug with AI navigation map in that specific location.

Lol, maybe that’s how the natives do it too.

it’s not a bug, it’s a feature :slight_smile: That’s how the usual driver in Belgium drives :wink:

Maybe this is the anarchy in the UK we’ve been hearing so much about.