AI ruined my Roadtrip

everytime everywhere
enough much


Although it won’t help for the mandatory road trip events, create a private online lobby. No AI. Then you can drive about as slow as you’d like without anybody around you.

Nice idea. thx

Offline AI, It’s like a paparazzi.

When I was in a Head-To-Head challenge against a Drivatar last night, it looked like heatseeker missile blips tracking me down on the GPS with other Drivatars being drawn to me like magnets lol! They time where they end up colliding with you so perfectly even if they appear way off to the side at strange diagonal positions relative to where you are located. They know well in advance which trajectory to take and how to intersect with you. I can see the somewhat funny side to it. Also, driving along at top speed and Drivatars turn across you timing the collision to perfection each time, even when you anticipate it happening for 5 seconds or so, they manage to still take you out. It happens so often. As SokhoiSOI’s video shows, the Drivatars just should not be so aggressive on Roadtrips and need to be toned down and made to relax somehow.

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When I’m in a SP roadtrip, I just charge overland to avoid them.

Ben is lying! I think he secretly hates you and has paid the drivatars to mess up your drive, or get you killed.

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Who set me up? Ben!!!

anyway I hope PG fix this.

have afew questions…why is every car so slow in your game ? is it a frame rate thing or is everything in slow motion? LOL…

and wow i’ve never seen AIs behave like that before…at least not on my side…i feel bad for the people who have to deal with such dirty racing…

My cars are like magnets for the drivatars on road trips , they block me, ram me, shunt me , they are like guys in a nightclub, pests!
as my friend said above, just go off road and loss the little pests off hehe

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Nice idea. offroad

Best way to avoid them is to drive as fast as you can, road trips is a forced torment Makes you wonder why they program it this way, for it destroys the joy of playing the game, especially when it is a forced task.

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dude i like the road trips i drive on the street but i never encounter aggressive ai drivers also i drive so fast i pass by them with precision and i can break really fast and also i just rewind if i screw up and get lots of damage

That video posted shows mostly minor bumps and scratches, several of which you actually caused yourself. Also in 2 occasions it appears that you have deliberately veered off the road. @0.46 and @1.48 in the video. You can’t complain about AI ruining your game by crashing into you if you crash into them. Also why are you allowing so many of them in close proximity to you? That is what is causing all the collisions.

In my game they act the same way. He wasnt doing anything wrong. They will try to match your speed no matter how fast you go then they just hover around you, banging into you and passing you and brake checking you. Then, usually in the turns, they all try to get through at the same time and normally run you off the road.

I dont think he turned off the road in those vids, to me, and as I’ve experienced, they come in and bang into you from behind and for some reason out cars go flying. Its happened to me more than a few times.

Its silly, the AI should just allow you to drive to the next even, after all, even Ben says its not a race and you should just enjoy the drive.

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AI with road rage! As a friend of mine likes to say, “just because you think everyone is out to get you doesn’t mean you’re wrong.”

The problem with the drivatars during road trips is that they will slow down to 50mph if you are behind them, but will try to race ahead once passed. This inevitably causes the drivatars to pile up around you. Once that happens, they try to get around any cars that they can see, leading to the madness that is experienced.

This means that you have to do one of the following:

  1. Race to the destination
  2. Drive at 50mph the entire time (which in most cases that is not fast enough)
  3. Drive somewhere in between and get caught up in the madness that ensues

My solution would be simple: Increase the drivatar’s “cruise speed” to around 80-100mph. This way, you can drive at your own pace without fear of not making it, and the drivatars will be less likely to pile up around you.

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That seems We behavior become AI.

And I thought it was just me that this was happening to! :slight_smile:

These AIs take great offense(offence) to being overtaken it seems. Great idea about increasing the cruise speed for the AIs.

I hope this gets implemented soon. Nothing like taking a brand new car out for a spin and getting smashed up by dumb drivatars!

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I’m sorry if any of you guys have issues with my driveatar. I am truly a horribly mean driver that rams everybody.

No worries, I sometimes race in SP like the drivatars owe me money :wink:

HA! ok, i will keep a look out