AI in this game still terrible

But here lies the problem, Alot of gamers want the AI to behave like the crazies online (your average gamer) while alot of us want the AI to behave with life like motor racing etiquette. Really we need 2 options for the series…Well programmed AI & Drivatars that way everybody is happy.

There are two available options for this right now.- Unplug your internet connection - Get new friends that can race and are not jerks
One avoids other random drivatards with pre-programmed AI by Turn10. Two adds a challenge with half of the AI being your new clean competitive racing friends.
You people know that you don’t have to have your Xbox connected 24/7 since day one. No need to suffer.

I think they should have some type of drivatar ranking system. All they show us is the drivatar sync progress. I think if people saw their drivatar stats and rank against others it would push them to make their drivatars better, basically how rivals works now, it makes people want to compete with their friends and what not. Then they could put you against drivatars with a similiar rank as you not just random people. They show stats for the drivatars now they just don’t show you how you stack up with other people. I think this simple addition would add some more playability as well as insight as to why we are racing the drivatars we are. If you want to race with better or cleaner drivatars you have to become better and cleaner yourself.

drivatar is getting better …

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The drivatars are pretty fun to race now if you ask me.

They’re getting better. It’s an evolving system, this is the first game it has been implemented in.

And if it’s anything like real life, the drivatars are bad because the human counterpart can’t drive. (Haha)

“Honestly when Project Cars comes out at the end of this year there may be no reason to play anything in this series again. Turn10 will be playing catchup on a series that will release their first game which is kinda just sad.”


Yeah…sure it will.

Nothing wrong with people hoping PC is an absolute gem. I know I am. By the way, he did say “may”.

That said, I do expect it to have a myriad of issues upon release. As long as they deliver the key components (weather, full race weekends, etc) they’re touting and continue to support (online stability, bugs, etc) the title after release I’m not going to shy away from it. Time will tell if they can deliver.

And that’s probably more than enough off topic for this thread. Sorry.

I hope it is too, might be a new racing game for me to try out.

I just think that saying that a new title like PC can have Forza playing “catch up” is either exaggerating or naive.

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Drivatar’s are a gimmick and a sham. Did a race last night on Unbeatable and had half the field slamming off the walls at Prague Full (R). I expect them to have their issues, but when you set them on unbeatable they should be consistent and fast. I really only use them now for avoidance training.

I feel like the AI has really improved since the beginning. To me they are just moving chicanes. They seem to move into what ever line your headed for tho. Seems like I have to zig zag to get them to commit to a line before going around them.

For a drivatar to behave as realistically as possible, most of them should aggressively defend their position, make mistakes, take themselves/each other/players out and make some good moves too. They really are behaving like real people. Unfortunately they are a lot of the time behaving like real people playing a video game, most of which drive like complete idiots in games. You can bet that the overwhelming majority of data they take their skills from are not the type of people who would come in here and post.

It would be a great feature if there was an additional tree of difficulty levels which took their behaviour from realistic racing driver types, instead of the 12 year old crash kiddie that they often seem to currently. I really like the drivatar system and I can also see it improving as the months are rolling past. There are times they are uncannily lifelike and personally I would much rather have them in the game than a traditional AI or, god forbid, the Gran Turismo style drones. The current implementation can still be improved on though.