AI in private match races are brick walls

Lately I’ve been racing in private matches with my friends to train myself to run faster for AOR V8 races and I’ve noticed that most of the time, the bots are brick walls. What I mean is you can hit them as hard as you want and they wont budge. They run into you and cause you to crash. I’m running 98 MB down so my internet isn’t the thing in question. I’ve heard of a lot of other people having the same problem. If I’m trying to train in a full lobby of bots and other friends, I need the bots to replicate a real person as much as they can. This brick wall crap isn’t even close to that. It’s almost like there is collision detection but they don’t respond to you being there or nothing happens to them when you collide. I know I’m not the only one seeing this

There is a difference between ai drivatars in career and ai drivatars in free play and private lobby. Maybe because the game get more usable data from career races. Private lobby with ai will not often selected from players. So the system can’t learn and thats why the behaviour of the bots so weak.

those AIs r extremely good at collision control, extremely good really…