AI drivers.

Can we get the AI drivers back please? I really like the thought of the drivatar system, i thought it would work. But its a real problem. I think its worse than actually playing online. Breaking in the middle of straights whilst slipstreaming. Cars running of course then aiming for you when returning to track. Its all too much. Unless there is going to be a fix. I would like to see AI drivers back for forza6. If there is any plans for it.

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I hope they never use robotic AI again. What difficulty do you race on? I see lots of posts of cars braking on straights but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it first hand. I race on the one under unbeatable for most races.

Just want to throw in my two cents.


i race on expert. I have seen threads with people trying different difficulties and theyre the same.

i race on expert. I have seen threads with people trying different difficulties and theyre the same.

AI is in the game as not a chance in hell these Drivatars mimic 100% user controlled drivers.

Im with you though…The breaking in the middle of the straight is so annoying and the ofcousre just to hit you is ridiculous …Give us proper PROGRAMMED AI rather than this half AI half cloud nonsense that does not work unless your a casual racer who just wants a bit of fun with some racing and some smashing.

I’ve never played against Drivatars, but if they re add AI, they need to improve them just a little.

Improve them so when you start to get near them, they don’t brake while taking turns, or start slowing down on purpose D:<

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This made me smile.

I’m fine with Drivatars conceptually but the system needs tweaking.

  1. Drivatars need to be able to take mechanical damage. Thus far, they can’t no matter what.

  2. Drivatars need to care about taking damage such that they try avoiding banging up their cars.

  3. Drivatars need to be segregated based on play style, especially those playing with simulated damage versus those with it off. If a player doesn’t mind playing bumper-cars because they have damage off, I don’t want their Drivatars banging into me while I’m running with simulated damage.

And another thing, why do they tend to bash you and take you off course? If the drivatar system is meant to put against racers like you. Then its broke. I don’t race like that

Its called payback learn to drive clean with the drivatars and you will get some great close clean racing with them.

No the drivatars are way better than the AI we had in Forza 4. I drive clean so the drivatars drive clean with me, just turn your difficulty up (at least to Pro) and drive clean if you respect the drivatars then they will respect you and you will get some fantastic racing from them. There is a saying in England " A bad workman blames his tools" with Forza I think its bad drivers who crash into the drivatars then get annoyed when the drivatars give them some payback. Just learn to drive clean use your brakes not the bumper of the car infront and enjoy the racing you will get from the drivatars. I have posted a video of me racing with the drivatars and enjoying a great clean race in previous threads if you want proof of clean racing I can post the video again if you really want.

thing is i try to race clean. I am not and try not to be a dirty driver. We all make mistakes racing like miss breaking points etc and you hit the back of a car or whatever. But i don’t know. Learn from your mistakes eh?

I kinda think the AI was better, i think this drivatar is a good idea, but its not working well at the moment

Most of the time when I’m hit by a drivatar, it isn’t that they’re trying to intentionally wreck me, it’s that they seem to have no spatial awareness. They go for that apex as if I’m not there, even though I was right next to them the whole straight leading up to it. Or they’ve gone off track and try to go right back to the racing line. They wreck each other that way as well.

this aswell!