AI ability and active aero

Just a couple of things. I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but oftentimes the drivatar AI seems to behave better than the cars ability. It seems to happen more in the corners. Sometimes the AI seems to be able to brake much MUCH later than what the car should allow. Not only that, but sometimes they are faster and accelerate better. And yes, I am taking into account they can be upgraded, but they seem to behave beyond their stated stats.

Also, why on earth are the cars with active aero so crap when it comes to handling. We know in reality they are now the fastest production cars in the world (P1 and 908 spyder holding Nurburgring record times), yet the La Ferrari, P1 and Huayra seem to under perform against their no aero rivals. Does the game actually take active aero into account?

i hope you dont think the P1 driven around the ring was plain stock setup that would not work as well as it did. No even the best car in the world has to be setup for the environment its going to be driven in. As for the AI well ive never seen a car brake unrealistically later than its capable of but i have seen people braking very late into corners so i guess if you are seeing the AI break late then your seeing a acurate representation of the driver its based on.