After 3 Years... Nothing's Changed

I stopped playing the Forza Horizon series after the third one because of the toxicity of the online racing. A friend convinced me to get Horizon 4 installed, and coming late into the game, one thing has never changed. Why is the online racing so bad in this game? How come ramming others off track is the only way to win?

Another thing, too. AWD V12 swap all the things! How come I spend hours upon hours perfecting a car only to get beat by someone who has a VW Beetle AWD and V12 swapped in the lobbies? Seriously, this needs to be nerfed. Acceleration and oversteering seems to be encouraged in this game. So dumb!

I completely understand why Gran Turismo is out-selling Forza… because that game WILL punish racers for dirty behavior. Forza though? Nah fam, ram away! For future Forza games, good racing etiquette should be encouraged. A car’s balance with good tuning should win the race, not an AWD V12 Corolla or Datsun or Beetle. I cannot believe after a 3 year break from this game and almost nothing has changed for the better.

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The beetle eh? But there are many better cars you can choose from. Due to the class system u need to really play with how low of a tire compound you can get away with, especially A or even s1 class sometimes. We have many crazy builds out there with sport or even street tires on light cars that one would never catch up to with a regular build. If there were more handling centered tracks, things may be different, though.
Few cars do have way too little PI for what they are, and they seem to need nerfs or bans from online races as boneshaker did.(cough I also found the International Scout may be completely OP in s1 CC or dirt… Maybe even A class cough)
The ramming problem, though… Is a real issue. Even if players are respectful, it takes quite a bit of skill and knowledge to be respectful on track, eh? Especially hard when most of us are playing on single monitors(16:9).
Maybe the answer is to make contact completely gone from online races, so we never even touch other players? Or maybe we could toggle that for ourselves specifically by going into Anna commands or something… They did do a good job of introducing ghosting for blatant high-speed rams, but there could really be an improvement for mid-corner nudges from the inside, though… One could get away with pushing out players off track with no problem. Often when I see them coming, I just break hard and hope the ram is detected hard enough for the game to ghost me.