After 10hrs of straight gameplay my only gripe

Forza Vista. Its sad to see that it is just a copy and paste from forza 5. The descriptions are the exact same and don’t even talk about the car. Only the brand or manufacturer. Plus you can’t look at everything in every car. Loving everything else though. Wish they would have got Richard and James to do a blurb on every car.


I saw they have recorded some new lines but there’s still a remarkably disappointing amount of cars that just have generic manufacturer descriptions for their ForzaVista showreel. Could they really not think of anything interesting to say about these cars? Why are they in the game? What made them special? What made them iconic?

Exactly. That was the reason I bought every car in Forza 5, to hear what they had to say. It is a shame they didn’t improve it

The developers of a RPG like Fallout 4 have an obligation to put 111,000 lines into their game. A racing game developer does not have an obligation to make two celebrities worth millions of dollars who will probably never play the game talk about all 450+ cars in the game.


Isn’t the whole point of ForzaVista supposed to be to get us interested in the nitty gritty of each car in the game? Gamers into car lovers and all that. Sure, they’re rendered to a high detail, but I highly doubt any of the cars in the game were added purely because “It looks shiny!”.

No, these cars have history, have renown, have a reputation. Yet for most of the cars in the game, none of that is reflected in ForzaVista. It feels like its missing a huge chunk of the big picture as to why these cars are in the game.

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I really don’t care much for Hammond and May talking. I would be perfectly happy with reading some interesting history about the manufacturer and the car itself.


Even that would be nice honestly. I figure though for consistency they’d have all the ForzaVista voiceovers done by the nameless female narrator.

Wasn’t it FM3 that when you went to the purchase menu each manufacturer had the Logo appear and beneath it was a (sometimes lengthy) historical snippet about that manufacturer? Sure once you read it that’s kind of it, but it was a nice touch.

Do I miss it, a little, but I don’t think it’s wholly necessary in the game. It’s a racing game.

Now, if you go out of your way to advertise Forza Vista and the “Gamers into Car Lovers. Car Lovers into Gamers.” concept then you should probably have something in your game to turn those gamers into car lovers - you need to give them something, a little bit of information, anything. Maybe?

But Hammond is already talking in a few of the races, cars and championships?

Never said it was an obligation RocketSled. Just disappointing that a feature that they boast so much about just feels like an afterthought

I want to say it was one of the early Gran Turimos, or maybe one of the early Need For Speed games where they had manufacturer information (history and such), but also had a little bit on each model of car, sometimes even as detailed as the year if there was something significant about that year over the others. I liked it, because in addition to being a racing game, it was like a car encyclopedia. And this was well before the days of Wikipedia.

I’ve wanted to see Forza Vista become more of that since they started it. Their first attempt in FM4 was like that, it was just so limited in the number of cars featured. Now every car is featured, but hardly any of the cars are talked about individually. Goes for the race cars that are identical, but have different team names and liveries. If they’re going to count as different cars then we should get a little blurb about that team.


I’m pretty certain that was Gran Turismo 2 that you’re thinking of. I did learn a lot from that game and I agree it would be great for Forza to be like that, but then consider that it takes 2-3 times as long to make one version of Gran Turismo, and that there would have to be much more writing, much more voice acting, associated costs, etc. I just don’t think they had the time or the available capitol to make it happen. While Polyphony is pretty obsessive in the amount of info they’ve given about the cars they include, Turn10 seems to act more like a business, where at the end of the day, their main goal is for people to have fun and for them (Turn10) to make money. I don’t fault them for that. Some things just get priority while others do not. It’s just the way it goes.

At the end of the day, we live in a time where if you really want to learn about a car or a team, you just type it into your phone and you often have the info right there available. That wasn’t necessarily the case when those earlier games came out. Would it be a nice feature? Sure, but now we have things like night racing and rain that might not have been possible had time and money gone more into writing and performing monologues.

I can’t remember if FM3 had snippets of information when purchasing the cars but it definitely had interesting information during the loading screens before races. Information about different tracks and cars and why they were famous. It also had the usual in-game tips. I really liked that about FM3.

I think Forzavista was good in FM4 because it had a limited amount of cars. I don’t think every car that is available will have an interesting history. Some will be there because the license was with a manufacturer and it allowed them to include it so why not. I think restrict the amount of cars to the special one’s. The one’s that have made a name for themselves. Personal opinion, it doesn’t bother me either way if T10 does that. I still enjoy the game!

Yeah I agree. And that woman’s voice is kinda annoying and doesn’t suit the game. The graphics and engine starting sequences aren’t anywhere near as good as ForzaVista in Forza 4. But they had to do it for every car in the game so had to sacrifice I guess.

Im sure that with everything else it comes down to time, money, resources and priority. Is forzavista a little disappointing? Sure, but i know other aspects of the game were prioritized and i can understand that.

Edit: pretty much exactly what Trampa said.

There’s more for me to be disappointed about than forza vista to be honest. Gameplay is okay, but the overall experience thus far is terrible.