Adjustable boost

Played this game alot now and the one thing that bothers me is there isn’t any way to adjust you’re boost
That could be awesome if they did that in a update or are there adjustable boost in the newer versions of Forza motorsport?

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The only way to change amounts of boost is to change the aspiration upgrades, but even that is set at a specific value. There isn’t a way to manually change it.

If only they do it there could be tons of fun with blown headgasket and more
And REALLY big wide drag tires for drag races
and drag races in the career
Damn i have so many ideas

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I’ve personally never seen much point in having adjustable engine parameter’s in tuning. The only way I can really see it working is by putting some sort of heat/durability system into the tuning, and that’s not so easy to implement from a gameplay perspective. A realistic system would hurt even stock cars, because there are only a handful of street cars that can be tracked for longer than 20-30 minutes at race speed without overheating. A more lenient system would ultimately be pointless since it would just make a horsepower ceiling below the maximum possible horsepower of the engine.

I’ve always liked to think that the cars I use in game have an expert pit crew that can’t be seen, who prepare the car perfectly for each event.

Wider tires, adjustable track width and fender flares would be great. Would be nice to turn pretty much anything into a grip monster.

There’s a lot thats pretty unrealistic too. 200HP on a little V6 from camshafts, with no loss in low end torque? Lol. Same with the turbos… no lag, no spool time etc just torque. I suppose all that nuance would make things difficult but it would be fun for us car geeks.

They try to compensate that torque loss from cams by making the upgrade add less torque than other upgrades per unit of power, but the game values horsepower so highly and torque so little when you get on the track that it hardly matters how much torque you have… Silly, I know.

Aside from boost, there are a few other things which could add to the tuning side of the game. Might be insanely complicated and complex to do so, or just a bit beyond the grasp of the game’s engine, however…

I actually hadn’t thought about the adjustable boost, before, but something else to consider that might be even bigger and more easily managed would be independent left and right side adjustment. As it is now, you can only do symmetrical setups, which at least on oval tracks could be considered something of a detriment. Actually, on any track with more turns in one direction than the other, I believe… I’m not sure I would bother with asymmetrical setups myself, as I generally don’t like oval racing and prefer more consistent left/right behavior over added ability in one direction, but there are surely those out there who, given the chance, would take advantage of lopsided tuning.

Add to the oval track mayhem with adjustable ballast, at least on cars that would support that… If I’m not mistaken, that’d pretty much mean NASCAR machines only, but maybe some others as well.

Maybe the newer generations of games feature such things, I don’t know. I haven’t decided if I want to pick up and XBox One, yet, so I haven’t tinkered with or even seriously looked into Forza Five, etc.