Adding drifting lobbies to multiplayer

Please add drifting lobbies to multiplayer for Forza Motorsport 8, the Forza Motorsport drifting community is being let down, I was excited when I seen drift suspension on a few cars (3 hours in) but was then sad that there are no drifting lobbies.

Why would you expect the motorsport that is Drift, to be in Forza Motorsport? Be quiet and give them your time and money

I couldn’t add an suggestion in stupid website so I’m gonna put it here. This website is lame with way they won’t let me post anything. My suggestion is banning all awd from drifting event. Only fr allowed to join

Please let us have public test drive lobbys so we can do what we want. A really big downside of the game here. There’s many reddit fourms and YouTube videos discussing this too.

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