Add New Options to receiving Duplicates

the wheelspin option doesnt work in one of Horizon Tour or custom racing… cant remember but did see the spin & win, then screen went loading to get us to the map to travel to the marker to start the next race…
one smooth system would be great where if u win a duplicate anywhere, you get that choice to garage/gift/sell everytime…
It can take an hour or more just going thro a dozen duplicates that you didnt even know you had… depending how you deal with them

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Basically what I said in the OP…

Please stick a vote in for this. Need to raise it to the Devs attention…


Constantly editing the post to bump it is extremely poor form.


Sorry you feel that way - just want to get it to the Devs attention to see if they’ll finally act on something that I’m sure bugs most players out there.
Maybe it would be there by now if all the viewers had bothered to stick a vote in…

I’m pretty sure you’ve gotten all the votes you’re going to get.

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Well, that’s a shame that nearly 800 people are OK with this ridiculous situation…

Precisely. I’m about ready to post about this in forum suggestions because a lot of people are doing it. Not just this post.

I started this thread 5 months ago (I think the first or one of at the time) hoping that it would have been dealt with by now but though the views have been many, the issue remains as no-one is bothered enough to click a vote.
The only reason I try to keep it up there is to stop it getting lost in the sea of car wishlists that appear on the forums. By now they must have covered virtually every car on the planet so I think the Devs have an idea now of what people want with no more needed yet still they come. I don’t respond to these, I just let them carry on.

If you don’t want to see this (important issue IMO) to be resolved then just don’t open the thread. If you do want it resolved then by all means open and vote and keep it in the topics to reach the Devs attention.

Sorry to have offended you for whatever reason. I’ve viewed and liked many of both your posts in other threads in the past so hopefully you will continue to post on other things in the future.

I don’t know why this comment has 18 edits and at this point I’m too afraid to ask…

Agreed with your thread, by the way. My vote doesn’t mean much but here you go.

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It’s really getting beyond a joke.
I don’t need unwanted duplicate cars getting chucked into my garage just because they appear after an event when I have no options to reject. They are always useless rubbish that I wouldn’t even dare to gift to another player.

Just stop the automatic receipts and let us decide if we want it or not. It’s not hard - you already have it in non event wheelspins, so why not in ALL wheelspins? If it’s time limitations between events, just save them for later.

Just got yet another one even after the whole event had finished but yet again, no chance to reject and didn’t even have time to see what it was till I painstakingly searched through my garage for another duplicate that I didn’t already know about.

Luckily for me, I keep a list of all my cars but even some first owned cars are new and some duplicates are still new as I haven’t looked at them so it’s still a real pain to find the recent addition if you haven’t caught it before the screen disappears. Pity those that don’t have such a list.
Just stop it, plain and simple.

Just to be clear, I wanted to respond to Max @T10ManteoMax

Thanks Max for moving this to the correct location.
I knew I had already made one in the past but couldn’t find it so I made a new one yesterday as it is still an ongoing problem that needs fixing.

Everytime I get a duplicate car from the wheel spin I don’t get the option to sell or gift it I’ve had this issue from launch

If you are in between events in playground games or in between races in a seasonal event, I believe they don’t give you the option to gift or sell. Maybe the same holds true for Horizon Tour as well.

i ve seen similar when selling like 10 days ago there was a Xbox zone issue, and i got 3 cars in sell, they got sold, but i still have a duplicate of cars.

It’s been an issue since day 1 for sure.
Oddly though they do (very) occasionally let you sell them, or (also very occasionally) save them but 99% you get forced to spin immediately and I’d guess about 97% of the time no chance to sell back.
I often find though after an eliminator session has ended, if I wait for a while before exiting, it will let you sell it more often.

Still never understood why they don’t just always save them to spin at your leisure, as when in freeroam they always let you sell. It’s why I try to keep a track of roughly where I am with ranking up status and avoid events when I’m close.

I made a suggestion a long time ago about adding the current XP to the main menu (say just under your CR total) to make it easier to keep track of - like you had in FH4 - but it was never acted upon.

It would be great to add an option to automatically reject gifts if I already own this specific car model. I have all the cars. I have 42 million credits. I need neither duplicates, nor money in this game. I would really appreciate it if cars went to people who don’t have those car models yet.

What to do with cars everyone already has?

  1. Delete them from the game.
  2. Combine multiple “common” cars into a more rare class car and gift it to someone who doesn’t have this car yet.
  3. Allow people to trade-up their cars for rarer cars. Including a few cars that can only be obtained via trade-up method. For example: with unique liveries or Forza Edition cars that cannot be obtained in any other ways (including AH). Basically, a car or credits sink.

Simply speaking: I’m tired of managing duplicate cars.

The gift thing is obsolete. Cars are either top dollar - and the typical player won’t give those away - or your pestering someone with a cheapo car. To rub salt into the wound, Haley says the exact same thing each time with the exact same intro. zzzzz. They could’ve at least shot a few versions and written a few differing versions of Haley’s script ?

What might make the gift thing work is if the only thing you could gift was expensive cars. The gift would go to someone who was only at a certain level of wealth in the bank and it would be meaningful for them. Such a person might not get a gift that often but when it happens its a good surprise.

Otherwise the gift system is more annoying than anything.


Honestly i would like the option to REJECT the gift. Automatic or manual idc.

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