Add me if looking for more clean racers

would have posted this on 11/28/12 but I was locked out of the fourms cant help all 7 of my 360’s when red light so I haven’t been on since 07… but now the forums are changed I
can post…

to the mods that xbox messaged and to the support of the website thanks for no response …[

I will send you a friends request YabbaDABdo as i like good clean racing. It was easier in the old forum though all people had to do was click on the user name to be taken to their page where you could send a friends request looks like you cant do that in the new forum :-/

and I can’t find the big thread of clean racers that had started on the old forums

all old threads were removed…

I thought they were going to archive the old forum as read only looks like they hit the delete button instead.

the old forums are still here for now just read only

Im down add me

I’ll add you all when I get the chance, Kids are watching Rocky for the first time lol.


Feel free to add me GT: QuickStopHicks and I’ll follow you back

Feel free to add me if you want.

another clean racer here. Timezone 1. Add me and i’ll add you back.


If the ‘kick’ system actually kicks people that deserve to be kicked then the lobbies would be a cleaner place, ADD ME if you like clean and competetive racing! Mainly A700 and S800.

i wouldn’t say the kick system doesnt kick people its just that it doesnt come up with a vote like before so people that aren’t aware of the problem don’t vote to kick.

It would be much more helpful if the person causing crashes, spreading abuse etc is identified when voted to be kicked, so they get the treatment they deserve, although i do understand that in previous games (fm3 and fm4) people were getting kicked for no real reason as soon as their gamertag was displayed when the kick vote went in ( ie; personal grieviances, winning races regularly, car choice etc). It is now a case of the community working together to get the trouble makers out, it can be done.

I will make sure to add you. What class do you usually do?

Added all you guys above this post. Looking forward to some clean races, hopefully with you guys.


The Clean Racers Thread. Also has a Facebook group.
Clean Racers

Looking for adds to my friends list as well :slight_smile: JMoore91

I’m a clean racer and enjoy some friendly competition. add me up!

l x l primetime

add me