Add ability to label / tag my cars

I’d love to be able to add a custom label / tag to my cars.

There’s tons of cars in the game - which is absolutely incredible! Over time, I’ve tuned (and drove) more and more of them, be it because playlist activities, new cars, or simply experimenting / playing around. But, that also means selecting a car - for example when doing a playlist activity or driving some online games - is difficult. Which one is tuned? Which one is more geared towards road vs. street?

Currently, my workaround consist of two things. First, I mark tuned cars as favourites, so I can quickly filter them. Second, I apply liveries to cars / choose certain car types for certain activities. For example, cars I tuned for Dirt get a Rally livery, or Pickups are always tuned for Cross Country. These principles do somewhat work, but they are not perfect.

I would instantly know what a car is meant to be used for if I could attach a label / tag to my car, e.g. with a short text and a color (and perhaps an icon?). For example, I could easily label one car “Dirt”, another “Wet Road”, and a third “Street, High Speed”. Perhaps it could even be possible to centrally manage and then filter by my own labels / tags. But having short notes attached to tuned cars alone would already be a huge improvement.

Happy to hear other ideas on this!

I do that livery trick too. It’s the only way I can remember which cars are running rally setups. I would love a way to be able to tell what setup a car has installed currently without having to go into the setup manager.

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Great idea! I could really use a label system like you described to quickly know which cars I think are good for skills, online, dirt, road, arcade, stunts etc.

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I currently use the livery trick for my cars. To know which one is which. But even being able to sort by tire compound would be good.


Adding labels or even pre defined labels to cars would be the perfect set up. I want to know which cars are tuned for rallying, drifting, road racing setup or dirt and even have the game remember where i was when i last picked a car and to go there instead of starting right at the beginning every time.


I did something rudimentary with the livery themes… but, I can only have so many designs before I have to delete some to save space.

A place to take notes would be ideal; labels would suffice, as that’s probably easier to implement.

Heck, it would be nice to even name your cars… I think that would be the eaiest and quickest fix.

Having “something” to help me know what kind of tune I have on my car would be a huge help. I can imagine one of 3 things happening if implemented:

  1. Showing the name and description of the tune you have installed within the car picker window
    If you downloaded a tune, then this would be what the creator has set.
  2. A list of predefined tags that you can apply, maybe allowing multiple to be selected
    So you could say it’s “off-road” and “drift”, or “grip”, or “dirt racing” and “drag”.
    You could use the existing tags used when uploading/searching for tunes.
  3. A set number of customisable tags that you can define yourself.
    Let’s say there were 25. Tag1 could be “Grippy”. Tag2 could be “Rally”. If you change Tag1 to “Drag”, then all cars with that tag would be updated to “Drag”.

With the 2nd and 3rd, you could add them as filters too.


I have been wanting this for a long time.

I think the devs need to restructure the whole layout…

A NAMED car should be the build + paint job.

I would love to build cars, paint them, name them, and gift them or auction them.


Plus you could use it to label special builds like “Rally 240SX”.

This is my number one complaint in this game so far, so many cars to choose from but not an easy way to mark which cars are good for what. I’m currently painting my cars to different colours for different purposes, which is also why I can’t really use any player made liveries even if I wanted to.