Acura ARX-06

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Acura ARX-06



New motorsport need NEW “le Mans” cars :yum:


IMSA cars will be on motorsport, IMSA kinda confirmed it


when ? How ? I hope there is will be the 9x8 Peugeot

Where did you seen this ?

I mean yesn’t. IMSA does has a partnership with forza since FM6 and it has been implemented with many cars in that past and future but we have yet to receive conformation on GTP being added to the game. Below I have listed all modern IMSA championship vehicles that have appeared in the franchise

2017 #7 Acura ARX 05 DPi (FM2023)
2017 #36 Acura NSX GT3 (FM2023)
2017 #44 Audi R8 LMS GT3 (FM2023)
2014 #24 BMW M6 GTLM (FM7)
2017 #31 Cadillac DPi VR (FM2023)
2015 #10 Corvette Daytona Prototype (FM6,FM7)
2014 #3 Corvette C7r (FM6,FM7,FH3)
2020 #3 Corvette C8r (FM2023)
2014 #93 Dodge Viper SRT GTSR (FM6,FM7,FH3)
2013 #91 Dodge Viper SRT GTSR (FM4,FM5,FM6,FM7)
2014 #62 Ferrari 458 Itallia GTLM (FM6,FM7)
2015 #2 Ford Riley MK XXVI DP (FM6,FM7)
2014 #70 Mazda Speed source Lola B12/80 (FM6,FM7,FM2023)
2017 #92 Porsche 911 RSR (FM7,FM2023)

IMSA had talked about gaming partners few months ago and confimed Forza was still working with them,

FM has 2021/2022 cars on its trailers already, its likely that GTP will be including at launch or after launch updates

24h of Daytona 2023 winner

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