Actual Dimensions for Eventlab Props?

Hi all.

Has anyone worked out some actual dimensions (preferably metric) for some eventlab props?

Going by the dimensions for the 69 Dodge Charger R/T, this section is going to be close to 16 metres (52.5 feet)

Specifically I’m looking for dimensions for these pieces:

Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!

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Think I have it sorted…

Asphalt Platform - 8.700m x 16.000m
Plaster Wall 1/Concrete Wall 1 - 0.400m x 8.000m
Plaster Wall 2/Concrete Wall 2 - 0.400m x 16.000m
Plaster Pillar/Concrete Pillar - 0.500m x 0.500m
Concrete Wall - 0.500m x 4.000m
Brick Wall - 0.200m x 4.000m

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