Accounts Problems With Forza 7

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and just want to say ‘hello’ first.

Also new to Forza 7 and would like some help on the following:

  • Have a family xbox one with both my two boys having their separate accounts .
  • Bought Forza 7 and did the initial set up of my driver, gear and car.
  • Even after I have logged out, when any of my sons want to play the game the system automatically assigns them my driver, car and progress ( even though they have logged into their own accounts).
  • The above did not happen with Forza H3 or other games we have, where each account goes through their own personal set up process.
  • How do I solve this problem in Forza 7 ?

Many thanks for your help.

Strange problem as I have 2 accounts on my Xbox One and no problems at all have a look in the Support section and ask you question there as you should get better help in the support section unlees a Mod cares to move your post to the correct section.

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