Accolades - Creative Accolades

Hi everyone.
I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I am terrible at trying to create tunes, decent paint jobs and taking photos in game.
Sadly this means my creative accolades are not getting any higher.
Here is a thread where anyone can list their share codes etc for others to download and like so that we can cross some of these creative accolades off the list.

My blueprint - 679 229 779 Aistrip to Crater. First time creating one and didn’t realise you can’t edit it after testing it…
Challenge card - 170 239 522 - Very easy speedtrap
Livery - 173 407 345 Bugatti Chiron 2018
Tune - 165 461 474 Bugatti Chiron 2018
Vinyl - 554 054 731 - NZ Flag
Photo - 147 215 313

So please go download and use and like my designs and I will do the same for anyone who posts in this thread.

Thank you!

P.S - Sorry for the long post…

Try this thread. It was moved to the Creative Hub section but it already had quite a few people responding to it :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you