Accolades being undone


Today I launched the game and completed the “Day Trip” (“Drive from the Horizon Rush Outpost to Valle De Las Ranas in under 1 minute 45 seconds”) accolade, only to notice that a few of my other accolades from the “Festivals” category had been undone. Evidence:

Undone Horizon Apex Outpost accolades

Proof of having already completed all Horizon Apex Outpost accolades

I’m not certain whether my total Accolade Points have been reduced as well.

Is there anything else I could provide here?

Thank you.

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Yup have the same issue, completed all the drive from X to Y and found that I had lost all those accolades the next day I logged in. I’ve opened a ticket about it, but not had a reply for over a week now. I’ve not tried doing them again, as it’ll just be a chore to lose all the progress once more.

Lots of accolades don’t pop, the game is a joke. I am tired of repeating the same things over and over. The game has lost its fun for me.

accolades that are being reset every day can be done over and over again, each day and it will count as additional points to your HoF, which i find to be useless anyway, but yeah some of them do not register and some reset every day, it’s like a groundhog day

Thank you all for the replies, relieved to see I’m not the only one facing this. I’ve opened a ticket on Forza Support as well, let’s hope they’ll get it looked into.

Logged in earlier today to find all my drive X to Y accolades have been reset once again, and it’s pretty tiring to even think about doing them yet again. I don’t even know if the points are lost or if it’s intended for them to reset, either way it is annoying that they keep resetting. Still no reply on my ticket, it’s around ten days now, so no clue what is happening.

Just as a tip, don’t do them again until the fix this bug. I did all these X to Y accolades, they reset, so I just did them again, and again they reset.


Oh dear, I’ve done a lot of those drive X to Y ones. Now I’m afraid to go and look to see if they’re still counted or not. I hope they are or I’ll be disappointed!

edit next day, I checked and they’re still okay, for now…

can someone tell me what is the point of accolades or hall of fame for that matter, some bragging rights? i personally do not care about them, unless they have car as reward for completing, so far i think i got every car from accolades, most of which i could care less about
accolades are just useless achievements to me and i never cared about achievements in the first place

Maybe you don’t have OCD like typical Forza fan? I love accolades!

Funny thing is I did Apex ones just once and they sometimes open again during normal playtime. :smiley: Currently everything is off in the menu.