Accelerating issues

Hey i was wondering if i could receive some suggestions of resolving an issues iv’ve been having. So my car will randomly stop accelerating, which presents obvious problems. It’ll do it at random times with no noticeable pattern. I’m using the default control scheme and haven’t been having this issue until yesterday. Thanks in advance.

that is usually the auto brake assist kicking in to avoid something that is not there. turn on the racing line and use that as a guide for manual braking. the line is on the conservative side so a well tunned car doesn’t have to brake as much or as hard as the line indicates in some places. auto braking include semi auto throttle control, it will over ride your inputs. you can let off the gas and go slower than it wants, but you can not accelerate more than it wants. if it senses danger…no gas for you.

The right trigger.

If you’re revving with an open clutch during a shift, then you must have manual w/ clutch on, as there’s no way to do that with just manual. As recommended, turn off auto brake and any other assists you are comfortable with, then slowly learn to turn the others off.