Abusive TROLL in action house - PLEASE HELP SOME MODERATOR

Because I LOVE this game, I feel compelled to write this:

There is a TROLL at the auction house a long time ago. His gamertag is

[Mod edit - WSD - Naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums]
and his money is INFINITE. Specializes in buying cars at very low value, but their highest preference are the Ferrari 250 GTO (20.000.000 CR in-game and more expensive car in the game).

This troll buys ALL GTO’s (and any car) that he can, regardless of their amount: A few days ago, 5 GTO’s were on sale. He bought the 5 (ALL) for more than 50,000,000 CR. Only a few hours later, 4 GTO’s were put on sale again. And again, he bought the 4 (ALL) for ± 40,000,000 CR.

Today, right now 18/6/2017 (June 6, 2017), there are 22 (twenty-two) GTO’s on sale again, each one for 10,000,000 CR. And this troll, AGAIN, wants to buy ALL 22 GTO’s: 220,000,000 CR.

This troll has infinite money, and he buys ALL the cars he wants, WITHOUT LIMIT, NO MATTER IF THERE 22 GTO’s ON SALE, HE BUYS ALL. Same thing with another car models.

This TROLL is EXTREMELY ABUSIVE, unfair, this is playing DIRTY. I know that Forza 3 is EOL, but can please a moderator BAN (expel) this unfair player from the auction house? PLEASE

Here are all the photos of the 22/22 Ferrari GTO who wants to buy this troll (I have taken a photo of each auction and uploaded them to the internet, here is the proof of what I say):


I have reported all auctions.

Thank you very much for your help moderators!

  1. ± 7 hours remain for finish the auctions,

  2. Please excuse my poor english, I talk spanish. Thank you.

I have edited your posts as naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums, while it may be annoying that someone else is buying all these cars and it may seem strange that he has so much money if he has earned it then he has every right to spend it how he likes, nothing you have posted leads me to believe he is either abusive or trolling. Your only recourse is to report him for unsporting behaviour and let Xbox sort out whether any rules have been broken.


Hello. First: thanks for answering. (and fast answer)

I did not know that. I apologize for it, I sorry. However, I would not have written this message if there was moderation in the auction house.

The first time you enter the auction house, a message appears that ends in: “Thank you for playing fair (Maybe: “Clean” ; for me, spanish speaking users: “Gracias por jugar limpio”). This implies that not everything that players can do in the auction house is fair or correct. You can play fair or unfair at the auction house. And if someone sells +20 units of the most expensive car in the game, and another player buys them ALL, this is unfair here and in China, sorry. I do not criticize that the player has money, I criticize what he does with the money.

Of course he can do it, in fact, he does. But not everything that can be done should be done in the action house. (Same as in real life).

I’m using Forza 3 auction house time ago and it is obvious (for me) that it has no moderation and for a long time already. It is common to see spam in the auction house. Reporting abusive or suspicious auctions is useless. Also, I report it here, and a moderator tell me it’s fair and that I’m breaking the rules.

Enjoy Forza 3 (players). See you on Xbox Live.