Absolutely unplayable on RX6750 XT

So I can’t even do the first lap of the starting test race. My framerate is around 17/20FPS at 3440x1440, everything on lowest, FSR 2 on balanced. I have a RX 6750XT, R7 5800X and 32GB RAM, on SSD, Windows 11 and latest drivers. The game reaches 40FPS if I activate the ultra performance mode. I can reach 90FPS if I lower the rendering resolution down to 25%. If I try to play at 1080p I reach 30FPS. This does not make any logical sense.
This is clearly not working as intended, it’s unplayable.

What is your raytracing setting on?

I found that turning mine to off saw massive performance gains since my card does not support it - the game has it set on by default to my knowledge.

I had it off. I have everything on lowest settings with no ray tracing. Wouldn’t really make sense to activate it when framerate is this low.

Have you double checked all your drivers are up to date?

It’s definitely not a hardware issue since I’m running an inferior system and easily obtaining 90FPS.

Have you also tried with all enhancements off including FSR and everything to low. I don’t personally use a preset, rather I have adjusted everything based on what my system can handle.

It also might pay to check you windows settings such as game mode. Maybe also check you task manager and see what tasks are consuming what on your system incase and external factor is limiting your performance.

Hope this helps :+1:

Had the exact same issue today. Upgrading the Aug 23 drivers to Sep 23 fixed it.

Thank you all for your input. We have been working diligently to improve the performance of the game with each Update. To make sure we have the most up-to-date information on performance and crash issues you all are experiencing, we will be closing out this old thread and encourage you to open new ones so we can better triage and monitor. Thank you.