Absence of defogger lines

Good evening guys, I downloaded FH4 through the Gamepass and realized that the cars do not have those rear defroster lines. I know this detail is presented in the games of the franchise since FH2, fact that can be verified when watching several videos of gameplay on Youtube.
I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the game several times, reset the console to the factory setting and the absence of defogger lines continues.
Has anyone else noticed this flaw?

You seriously uninstalled/reinstalled the game for this?


I never noticed this until he pointed it out
Im gonna be asking for a refund now :grin::grin::grin:


Yeah but if it’s foggy outside how will he see where he’s already been?


Classic uninstall/reinstall. Took me 3 times of doing this, but I finally have defrost lines on my back glass now.

Don’t give up, do it again!


This is literally one of the greatest things I’ve ever read on here.


Every time I think I have seen it all, someone comes around and proves me wrong.


Whats a defogger line?

Been around cars my whole life and don’t have a clue what this is

Possibly also known as a demister
Usually on a back window …to keep it from fogging up
All the little wires running around the window

LOL, a rear window demister, that is not what I imagined.

Funny what people from other countries call things. I love it when they call front fenders wings… haha

Ya learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

If you’re playing on Xbox One X with “quality mode” active all details will be present, performance mode will downgrade the graphics a little so small details like that will disappear to enhance performance. If you’re playing on the original Xbox One or Xbox One S the graphics get downgraded when you enter the game world, interior and car detail in general will look blocky and blurred and the “fog lines” you’re on about don’t show up on most car models on these consoles. If you want the best experience, get an Xbox One X or PC because the standard consoles make the game look like crap.

Wow that’s nice why don’t you just give everybody a slap in the face as a result of your high standards. Game looks great on the regular Xone and I play it on PC. They did a good job with optimization all the way around.

When i pay £60 for a game and another £40+ for the DLC i expect quality. Badly ported models, missing textures and game breaking bugs are NOT acceptable, especially when it’s from a triple A studio that has the resources that they do. I’ve played this game on a friends Xbox One S and it’s by no means beautiful. the downgrade is very noticeable to me especially while driving in 3rd person. On the Xbox One X it looks great but they’ve let a few things slip through the cracks, Xbox One and Xbox One S got shafted.

Yeah, the only blockiness I’ve noticed has been in some reflections.

Maybe you should post a comparison shots between FH2 and FH4? As it stands now nobody knows what you are talking about and I’ve been actively investigating these sorts of things(see the signature).

Chevrolet has those little copper lines on their back windows to keep your hands warm while pushing your car.

-Ford Guy


So Ford owners think you push a car via the rear window?


It’s out of necessity. The thin steel of the Chevy will buckle and dent when you push on it