About the Sound Bug in FM5

Maybe I missed some information but what about the sound bug in FM5? It’s very annoying and makes it hard to hear when to change gear. Anybody who heard anything about what Turn 10 are doing to solve the issue?
(Xbox Live told me that it’s a known bug that is will be taken care of) but now FM6 is under development? // Plaincollar

You mean the pops and crackles you hear after a while? No, Turn 10 never released any fix and AFAIK never spoke about the issue. The only solution is to close and quit the game. Xbox button, then “Start” and “Quit”. That fixes it.

No, this is more like the car has some kind of voice change like at puberty (if a car can experience that phase). The engine sound just screaming and get a higher tone. Like Tom Jones in a duet with Brian Johnson. An F12 that sounds like Lotus in X-class. And it come and goes during a lap. It’s impossible to focus or change gear without looking at the speedometer RPM and you don’t beat any records with such noise…