Ability to Set Character Customization Presets

What this means essentially is the ability to create a specific look for your character as you can now, but automatically set a preset for the outfit for specific occasions. For instance, if its December, you’ll automatically be in a Santa suit without having to enter the character customization menu. Or better yet, and this is how I would use it, create specific outfits for when your character is in free roam or racing. For instance, for races, you can preset your character to wear racing equipment such as gloves and helmets, but once you load back into free roam, your character is in casual clothes again. Somewhat similar to how it went in the very first Horizon game.

I very much like this idea.

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A version of this was seen in the first Horizon game. The first screenshot is your player is in free roam. The second screenshot is when your player is in the middle of a race.