Ability to predict Weather Forecast changes for longer races with Variable Weather Setting

While in longer races - with variable weather setting on - rain generally shifts in and I am taken very off guard and find myself consistently unprepared to hit the pitlane and change into a set of wet tyres or vice versa. With Weather Forecasting, you can project a small window when to hit the pitlane and change to appropriate tyres. This is info that would be fed to you from your Crew Chief regarding on track racing conditions. Generally there should be two settings for this:

Accurate Forecasting - 100% Accurate

Real Life Forecasting (Introduces chance for potential forecasting error IE: rain looks like it might set in but just misses. Maybe some cars pit, others don’t.) - IE: 70% Accurate

At the very least this would give the player a chance mid-race to win or lose with strategy as opposed to being stuck half way across the circuit while it downpours and I violently slide all over the place struggling to find my way back to the pitlane.

Thank you so much!

If variable weather exists in sessions, which it does, we should have access to a forecast so we can plan accordingly.

When it’s raining in practice, dry at the start, and raining again by lap 4… Being able to plan for that would be very helpful.

Started doing some variable weather races in Update 6, and quickly stopped.

The event details menu just says “weather: variable”. Doesn’t tell you what the weather is at the start, or what it might/will be by the end of it.

My last variable weather race, it didn’t look rainy in the menu, I clicked start race, was greeted with a downpour. The game didn’t put wet tyres automatically of course, I didn’t finish the first lap and closed the game for that day.