Ability to change car name

In some racing games you are allowed to change the name of your car. This could be done in Forza for the car’s short name, like “Supra RZ” for example. It would be good for players who modify their cars to look like something completely different, and would allow them to give their car a corresponding name like “Supra F&F”. Obviously it wouldn’t be shown in the auction house, and the same filter as license plates could be used to prevent anything offensive from being added.

So you want the name to show up in the race results? Some people would write all kinds of nonsense and offensive stuff - even if there are filters… And I would prefer to read what kind of car they are really in and not “U Too Slow” or “China #1”…
I would love to have car names for “internal use only”. So that I can call them Road Tune, Rally Setup, Drift Car, Drag Tune etc. At the very least, they should give us some colored labels that you can sort. Then the player can decide that e.g. all rally tunes are red, all road circuit tunes are green,… Thus, before a dirt race you list only cars with a red label and take your pick.