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I crashed my car backwards into a fence and with my view set from behind the camera ended up in the crowd of onlookers, the head of a young girl was the main focus of my view at that time…the girl was wearing a hat which had little designs of a leaf of a known herb. I panned around and the hat is common on the avatars, quite a few of her twin sisters were wearing it…so how is it that we cannot display the same leaf of the same herb without a ban?

PS i dont condone it either way, just wondering why it is so frowned apon when the avatars actually display it…

I’d say post a screenshot but if it’s what you say it is it get you banned

Whereabouts was it

outback festival site

While I can not comment on what you have seen in game I can say why we are not allowed to create designs etc with said content.


The Xbox Live Terms of Service and Code of Conduct says what we can or more what we can not do.

It is that simple.

Games can do some things based on the rating of the game, that is pretty much all the games rules are.


Thats cool, i have no interest in creating one, was just wondering why they have such a strong standing on it but include it themselves. it just seemed odd.

I know where you are coming from and partially agree with your implied point.

And in some ways I think some aspects of the rules are too tough…but the rules are the rules.

I think part of the reason they are that way is once you let in any room to move it makes it too hard to manage.


And as I’ve said in previous threads: it’s their game and you paid for it, so they can do whatever they want with it. That includes amending the TOS as well as deciding what is considered legal (as abides by the TOS).

Something definitely doesn’t smell fishy here…

I’ve just found those girls
It certainly does look like one of those leaves
There’s also a moon, a crown, an atom,a paw print all mixed ovwr that cap

Discussion of bans and enforcement issues is prohibited by the forums Code of Conduct.

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