A UI oversight that absolutely needs addressing

in a multiplayer event just now, there was a player that had tremendous feedback from a mic. it sounded like a wasp was in your ear canal and didnt stop. the only way to bring up a player list is to pause the game and go to the list there. the problem is it doesnt pause the game. it just gives you the menu because of course, we are in multiplayer. there absolutely must be a way in multiplayer races to bring up a list of players and have a quick mute option. by the time the “pause” menu had loaded and i got to the player screen, found the player making the noise and then waited for player options to load!, the rest of the field were a third of the way down the track. this needs adding asap.




Should be an ANNA function. Anna, mute all players.

are you saying it is, and i should be able to find it under ANNA options, or it is not, and it should be?