A simple question, I think (BAN?)

I’ve contacted Turn 10 via email 5 days ago with no response. I don’t know what kind of access to info you mods have, but if possible, I’d like a simple answer to ONE question, so I know if I need to spend $$$ on a new console, or not if it’s on my profile (although I can’t see why my profile would be banned):

Is my gamertag Star Trek Texan banned from certain online features because of a CONSOLE ban, or because of a GAMERTAG ban? If it’s a console ban, I’m willing to buy a new console. I want to play Horizon and get the full experience, IF POSSIBLE.

I can’t tell what type of ban this is; although, if you send an E-Mail to Turn 10, they will read it, but not every one will get a response.
I don’t expect someone to really answer to this thread, since the best future to this thread is a lock like the other thread’s containing b-a-n.

Try again!

It takes time for them to go through all the emails they get.

If you have sent it to forzafb@microsoft.com that’s all you can do.

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