A Regalia Rampage Challenge! that most wont try! :p

first off! !it is hard! second, i made 3 seperate reaces out of it i.e. the whole Rampart! down one river and up another for the circuit, 1 lap ofcourse! and 2 sprints, 1st is down the first river to the beach near the closest offroad event hub next to your southern beach house. where 2nd you run roughly the same course as the second half of the whole run. thing is. its regalia D types only for " in my opinion " the best challenging and funnest resulting run!! so i dare you to give em a try! but yoy probably wont because you may the regalia is beneath you. i say your too scared or too lazy to try my challenging trial! but i could be wrong. allowing your even still reading this that is… you should be able to search my events using my gamertag for those that didnt know that. as for you all whome already know that, you already know where to rage it up!

come on! your here to race it all right?!

apologies! i should share event starting points right?? here they are, ashbrook loop scramble= full rampaging regalia rampart- full circuit… and, ragin regalia rampart 1- 1st sprint…" ignoring my other runs" then… astmoor rally trail= massively more raging second half!- 2nd and much harder sprint. again i emphasise this wont come easy as i meant it to be a real challenge… i truely hope yall do end up enjoying how much you will get frustrated!!! :wink: yours truely JamesRyder2100 and b.t.w. its 21~00 they just didnt have that option for me to use wich i would love it if they would make it so we could! others would agree im sure. thank you.

I’ll give it a go in a little while. What’s your best time so i can set a goal.

under 4:10 on each sprint and under 8:30 full circuit i have to wait till i have hotspot available again to get exact times for you i just used the last of it up today remaking the 2nd sprint and testing it :-/… let me what you get and watch the trees well!!! and please let me what you think of all 3 my recommendation of order is sprints then circuit… OH! please notice there are slight differences between 2nd sprint and 2nd half of circuit for increase of challenge. you know what they say about the path twice traveled…