A Plea For Help

About to start the system. I do so well in Kaido and I have no idea why I was in a chicken-out state every time I started to push. Super nervous on every run and they were more than I few as I kept overreaching with the car. Some runs were going so good :frowning: . and I did reverse well but it felt like I was fully engaged with the throttle battling against going sippy sideways.
Started the Alps in Class R3, cant really be effective with the servers so unreliable but its only ever forward that we head.

Outside there is a very visible white blanket like fog that is Sahara desert dust and volcanic ash from the Las Palmas volcano. In the Caribbean.

Practice, practice, practice. After some time, you’ll gain confidence and know how hard you can push it. Just get a flow going, and get comfortable with the car. Like I said, use a good short track like Tsukuba to get the feel for what the car does before doing any dialing in with tuning. With a track like Fujimi Kaido, you’re just going to have to memorize all of it, and be crafty with your lines. My suggestion is to learn the track, but in a lower division. D or C class would be a better place to start. That way you’re focusing on memorizing it rather than fighting the track and the car. Once you get a good time, then start moving up to higher divisions.

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Thank you SpencerMA71R, your comments were noted, I still catch myself slowing down at certain points were I should be speeding up… Take into account that I run the track briefly and then I move on so the experience gained behind the same car is short and then its getting accustomed to another. About to start on Fujimi, Did Catalunya but I was unable to try different setups. Trying to choose the vehicle for Fujimi but the boards wont load.

Still having the same trouble here too with the servers. Though I think the race lobbies are working. If they are, I’ll run some practice with you so you can follow along.

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Thank you Spencer, I’m on the same boat.

Considering the current state of the world, this is but true nothingness.

For your playing pleasure!

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Apologies, no offence was noted on my part, regarless my apologies. Ur mind runs different courses than mine.

In regards to the outages, where is your prompt reply? Your turn to set a record.

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Ahhh a moderator. They do exist still. Can you inform someone about the server issues on FM4? That would be swell.

Would you please lend me a #32 312 P? Need it to run it in R3 Class. I will promptly return it after a week. If you say yes I will note it and post when you can send it. Pretty please please?


He’s a moderator. If it’s a DLC car, the license for it has expired. You would have to buy that pack to receive the car.

OMG YES! Current Position 1998, Below the 2k mark… yeeeeeeeeeees
YES, I thought it would be later tonight.
Im sure in the spirit of achievement Turn 10 will fire some dude and release for free all downloaded able contest. Please we beg, please turn 10 please oh please. If not please at least don’t let end in chaos but with distinguished pride. Please we beg you please.
Its been super fun! Good way to spend the evening.

Thats a shame, It is a DLC car. WoW!

Please donate credits! 50 mil would be nice :)!

Managed to finish Maple Valley, not sure what the impact was. Thinking that the next ceiling should be 1.5k and see if its feasible to actually get there and if I can land it. System reset and now back at 2,028.

Current spot Unknown.
Heading into Silverstone in Class R3. I have been unable to get a reading on any board so far today so I’ve been using the Mosler for the most part and a bit of the Joss for the ring, I’m running it blind in order to keep moving on. I’m a bit burnt to be honest. These R Classes are demanding in the ol noggin attention requirements. I didn’t think there would be such a road block.

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Seems like a tiny increase. The effort remains as it did this morning. Tomorrow its the Top Gear tracks. I still see an increase in the overall player count. Success to all those engage in the same effort…

I was wondering how you guys manage all the data. Once you are in a lobby and the tracks and class changes I would need a tracker just to be able to pick car and setup quickly. Got a database idea rumbling inside…

Currently in the 1,891 spot. I have no idea if its in or on… its true I have cero grammar interest :frowning:
I did manage to see some results - infrequent as it was - and the results were mixed. Not as bad as I hoped. Its hard to judge as you always think you are going fast. Need those numbers to confirm.

Finished Class R3 well except for Fuji Full, today I should knock that one out. I was going to finish Fuji last night and for me Fuji needs a bit of a warm up as I try to do just 2 fast laps and sometimes a third but it was just to late in the night to get so worked up. I started Class R2 in the alps and the gods - thank you GODS! - so fit to briefly let an oasis of server service and been quick witted and ableless of mind I promptly dl some setups. It was great in the shorter stages of the alps, not so much on the large one. These things are nutty fast!

I could not do this in real life as my attention span is short not to mention the physical exertion. All the more Uff! to you guys.

That Mazda Furai…!! (Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the Tos)

Also spent a lot of the day playing online with Slowdriver and others and you guys helped me to feel less burned. Fuji was fun every time we ran it. All the bumpies were totally my fault.

Brought the Furai to default set up and adjusted the pressure in the tires and cranked the diff accel to 100% and I went from the ten seconds difference to about 7 and a bit seconds from the leaders.

Is there much that can be done to decrease that difference? Does it need to be sort opened up on the aero so it can fly faster? Im just trying to see if Its me that needs further tuning or the car. No confidence in my setup skills.

Any tuners out there that can provide some setups to try? Pretty please!