A Plea For Help

Hi RAZORBACK. I’m getting Gold again soon (planned for earlier this month but job hunting, tax and golf have got in the way). Anyway , would love to help. Which cars do you have access too? ie just essentials Disk 1, Disk 2, any DLC? That affects what cars to recommend. I’d like to swap some vynals. Do you have the “sticker” cars? ( that’s the mini with heaps of logos ).

See you up the LB (leaderboard).

Tip for Fuji. Build cars for grip. Top speed rarely reached so don’t waste PI on excess power.
I’ll send a S5S which you might find handy as an allrounder for A class.

Thank You, CensedGenie641. I am just about to go to bed and saw your reply. Got this huge headache and really cant write a long post. I will reply later with a broader picture. Currently at exactly the 2500 position. Moved to S and I’m about to hit the Nurbs tracks but have not done any tracks in Fuji or lemans and got a couple of scores in S that are meh and can be improved. I still need those cars in A for a redo of those tracks. Got to make an issue tracker or at least jog them down. I’ll update tomorrow. Its the headache, got to go.

The version I got is the limited edition in Spanish version, which means the case is in Spanish and that’s it. It has disk 1 and 2, no dlc :frowning:. I looked into the FM4 storage in the 360 and found the following.
1950-2000 model year car pack
2001-2005 model year car pack
2006-curreent model year car pack
Autovista car pack and that’s it.
I have one vinyl which I like and I’ll send it over along with the vehicle. I like it! I placed 4 vehicles numbered to be auctioned but it all fizzled and none sold. If by “Sticker” you mean like a sticker bomb livery on a mini, I’m not sure, downloaded a lot of designs. I would like to see your version. Solid advise on Fuji, more torque going up and more handling going down. Fuji is actually one of my better courses, unlike Laguna Seca which I do terrible. Its like the road is sandy or I’m just fing terrible driving it. Something about the angles of approach, all me I know.
I thought about going from F Class to R3, but I think it might be better to keep going on the first run then do a sort of clean up pass at the end. I did look at F class in the Bernese Alps and I could improve on all those times. I guess now I’m more experienced at driving and find those times too high. 13 secs in Festival Circuit from the top is too low. Checked the rest of the tracks in the Alps and it all follow about a 10 sec distance from the top. That was the norm for a lot of classes, about a 10 sec from the top, On class S I’ve reduced that to 1 sec in one occasion to sometimes 5/6, not on all tracks but I’ve noticed an improvement, specially my perception of speed. I can improve that but is something to be grinded at a later time.

  1. Setup for Rossion Class S for all Maple Valley tracks.
  2. Setup for Lotus 2/11 Class S for Laguna Seca
  3. The items mentioned in the post above
  4. Credits, lots of credits.

So you have disk 2. Options then. You seem to go for LB leader cars. Not a bad strategy to get up there but you’re only going to get so far (high 1100’s - 1150 or better - that’s around the 94hr mark) if you stick with it. Drive the cars you like then you are more likely to keep going.

R2 - hands down the BEST car (for most tracks anyway) is the MAZDA FURAI (a reward car at level 47 IF you have disk 2 at the time). But see point above. Can get monotonous just using the same car all the time.

PS S5S isn’t that good a in A but I do like the look of it. I hope you like the livery that I’ll put on it. I’ve also done a mock up of the 2021 Nurburgring 24hr winner - The KUS 911 GT3.

PPS last month I just finished lodging times in Forza Motorsport 3 (get to play with the Porsches there) and despite not having benchmark and sidewinder I still managed to top 1000.

I am following the LB leader cars as choices, I feel that picking cars at this stage would only hinder the progress,. Specially since I dont know enough to make smart choices. I also use the Microsoft wheel so a manual clutch to really push is not an option. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Nothing wrong with the wheel, messa loves it. I do not use those - I’m not sure what to call them- cars that are brought down to lower class to hit a super high score. Not saying that to criticize, its just not in my plan. Top 1k would be a nice finish but top3k is goal achieved. I do have the 2008 Mazda Furai available for purchase, I just haven’t bought it. Cant wait to check those out, thank you again.

I’m struggling to get the Rossion Q1 to work satifactorily (the tyres just keep over heating). I thought you might like the special S class Fairlady Z. OK for setting laps times but not really suited to online races unless damage is set to “cosmetic”.
I like the Lotus 2Eleven but has little to adjust in S. In R3 it can outrun some of the high priced cars. Having said that, the time you have set at Laguna in S is better than anything I can do as yet. I’ll see what I can do.


Its been a difficult week to get any racing done. Had family and friends visit from out of state. A birthday last Thursday with said family. There has also been an increase in the local power outages. Daughter stayed over so all was placed on hold until she left so we could hang. Power was just restored so maybe after everyone heads to bed I can do some racing.
I received the cars spencer, thank you.
Herpthederpx3 I added your car to my BClass for online. Cant wait to try it. The livery on it is beautiful, I will add my GT and racing shenanigan’s.

Power is out again in the neighborhood, couple of hours now. Cleaning the terrace and doing chores while I adjust the schedule to race again. I looked at some of my other leaderboards and saw that I was on the 916 spot which really confused me because I don’t play P2P. Done it but not enough to justify the score. So I thought that it might be like an adjustment from the Circuit scores. I really don’t know. Try to google the FM4 leaderboards “how they work?” but got nothing. I figure its the same as FM7 and look there. Anyone got a link on some reading material on it?

Herp I drove the Datsun on the Alps. Handles great, I need to get to know how to push it.

Hi Razor. It might not be exactly correct but this is how I figure how the LB’s work. Every players starts off with a base lap time of 30minutes per track. Each of the tracks are grouped in Circuit, Drag, Oval and P2P. Once you do any lap on a track, you show up on the LB. Uncertified lap I calculate as your time plus 10 minutes. A certified lap ( clean lap plus part previous lap from last time check needs to be “on track” - that using rewind OK to stay on track but if you come off in the last third and don’t rewind, the following lap will be uncertified even if completely within track limits - no advantages allowed ) is the lap time.

So, when I said you were so close to Top 2000 (29 laps short) it was based on these calculations.

Circuit, Drag and Oval have some Test Tracks that only about 60,000 profiles have used BUT for Circuit anyway you need to have to be Top 1000. Top 1200 is still achieveable (you would even get close to top 1100 in my opinion). I hope I haven’t put you off trying to get as high as you can. Oh, and you don’t need Gold to lodge the times - Silver is OK but if done online then the LB will be updated (while the servers are on - so far they have being left on if not always accessable :frowning: ).
There are no test tracks for P2P so in my opinion, the only true way to compare (Even Rivals can be restricted if you don’t have certain DLC or even Disk 2 for a couple of races (Spec Hot Laps - an Audi and a Evo I think from memory and the server down just for the moment :frowning: so I can’t check).
So when you do your “practice around Fujimi”, you are actually setting times that most players haven’t done thus Top 1000.

Did managed to finish R3 and R2 on the Events Lists races. Began and finished the first series of races on R1 from left to right on the events list. Powerful beasts.

knocking out some R1 Class races on the Event List. Intimidating class. It was midway through Mugello Full Circuit that the feeling began to shift and I wasn’t driving some super machine and I was just driving. [Mod edit - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the TOS) The throttle control has to be on point or spin out in the tight corners. That’s how it is for me at least.

I’ve always run with the rewind button off.

Im having the hardest time pulling clean laps in the Events Lists Class R1. Decided to hit a bunch of those tracks and I am at the last Region. Its all dirty racing and I keep thinking that this is just a formality and that its in the Hot Laps were it matters but I just keep pushing and pushing trying for that extra bit and keep pushing out of bounds or braking late or one of a thousand fups in all laps. Still, I know this and try to hold back but nope.

Censed I piloted (obviously piloted) that #42 on Maple Full Circuit
Did a 1:34.179 on a Rossion Q1 for position 7186, then same night ran it on that #42 and did a 1:32.838 and for whatever hiccup the system did not registered and no new slot was assigned, it happens right [MOD EDIT - WSD - Profanity and alluding to profanity is against the Tos} So messa ran it again the following day and got a 1:32.162, just a bit better than the time that did not registered, for the 2,824 slot. I don’t track times like this but I wanted to compare it to your setup. It handles like Turn 10 offered a gift of complete usefulness. You can push and push and push and it holds. Thank You! … and for the info too.

Got a super callus from playing and its getting big, skin is inflamed and cracking showing a bit of meat, messa got a boobsi from the wheel. Got another in the other hand.

The R1 cars are great all around but I find myself having moments were the corner and the throttle control have to be on point or go wobbly from too much pressure. One time it sort of buckled and sling shot me into the side and straight for the barrier.

I realize this “racing” we do oversimplifies the actual piloting of one of these beast but [Mod edit - WSD profanity and alluding to profanity is against the TOS] if it isn’t work. 100% paying attention or else… I I like the cars, easy to drive at high speeds but sometimes buckles under the sometimes small/wrong pressure.

s the capacity to perceive expanding/strengthening as we get faster?

Currently at the 2,344 spot. Got 2 LMP1 Multi Class events to go and the 12 races for Class R1 World Championship. The X event is for last. I think that’s it for today. Servers are funcky so its hard to pull data and take a course of action.

Noticed that on August 22 FM4 registered 8,453,531 players and if you look at the figure now there are thousands of new players, servers are down, cant get specific. However considering that today is a month and a bit later and I find it impressive. All of them asking for new DLC :frowning: waaaaaaaa waaaaaa! it breaks the ol red nugget.

Started the R1 Class with about 8Mill credits which turned to 6 and a bit and now its back to 8 but its a constant grind in this gigantic time attack of a game.

Got the last LMP1 Multiclass to start/finish the the World Championship. Made progress, slooooooow progress, odd considering that this is a racing game. Getting used to the R1s, still slow in those slow curves.

To the folks driving these LMP1s: You are insane! Congrats!

Currently in the 2,319 spot.
Knocked out the first four tracks on the world champ for Class R1. Got almost 10 mil. I feel weird saying anything about this game since - if I were to guess - most have already heard it all. Like the R1 cars, Finicky when getting back in the throttle and it must be old ppl stuff but its quite a beating on the elbows and wrists, not much but I feel it. Still on Class S, starting the first track on Sedona.

Currently on the 2312 spot.
Finished all events on the Events Lists and went through the Affinity list and ran races on all companies that were not 100% free. On Sedona Class S. Made a list of the cars that I will use up to Suzuka. The servers been so unreliable make it difficult to purchase setups. Now I guess its just moving on in S class. Sorry in not accepting the invite, I needed to finish the affinity upgrades.

So I’m running on Hockenheimring and I get to end of the long straightaway and you got to do the uwi and I arrive too hot and overshoot it by about two/three cars lengths and the car ends up coming to a complete stop, its either that or exceed the track limit. Without conscious effort I placed it in reverse and made it sort of realign. It was weird - I messed up and didn’t record it - because the car sort of glided back at maybe 10/13 miles and sort of ended up realigned in this very super robotic, math perfect, realignment of the car. It was such a small thing but when I think of the best piloting that one comes to mind. I don’t remember the car, sorry.

Im using that healing Vaseline used for tattoos for my hands. Its crazy how dried up my hands are getting.

Currently on the 2198 spot.
The state of the servers have left me unaided. I finished most of Class S and the last third I ran it blind. Have to finish both full circuits in Fujimi Kaido and both Lemans. Have another track to revisit but I cant use the leaderboards to track it down. Tomorrow S class should be completed. Difficult to know how effective I’m running as verifying times and/or pass judgement on the setups is dependent on the servers. Starting to develop the slinging technique, noticed that I’m using it a lot even though it wasn’t a conscious effort. Upgraded the mic and headset even though I ran into the 2.5/3.5 connection issue.

Not sure if the image will post

Today was not very productive. I had service provider issues in my end and Live was also having issues. It just got late and the connection issues remain. I do well in Fujimi but I always feel the pressure when performing there. Long as Forever United Contributing Klingons and easy to mess up.

All in for Nurburgring reverse. Incredible track when ran in reverse.