A Plea For Help

Hello Everyone
My GT is Razorwing and early this year I played with the idea of giving FM4 - because its a legend - a go and so I did. I play the offline races and have driven from F to about halfway through B and I sit at the 3,766 spot overall in the Circuit leaderboard. I also completed the events lists from F to R3. Its a bit of a logistic crunch because I have to spend my time between earning credits to buy new cars, tuning set ups or any of the beautiful liveries. I spend a lot of time between the wheel and frankly my back sometimes hates me for it as I am past 50. I will get to the end but having a surge of credits will release some of that pressure. By the time the system is shut down I would like to have collected as much liveries, setups and cars as I can. I also have saved a lot of my races - close to 1k - for a youtube project. If I could pretty please with tons and tons of sugar on top have some of you guys reach out to your buds and friends to connect to the ol 360 and donate credits I would be immensely grateful.

Pretty please with sugar on top

In deciding to give the game a go I thought that its longevity has made it possible to collect this huge database of information. Granted that not all published works whether livery, photo, movie or replay will attract the attention of all but you can make a beautiful collection of impressive art and setups. A look into a generation of players and see through their work the mindset of the online racers and what sparks their tingles.

I would envisions the following

  1. That Microsoft would package special limited editions of the Xbox 360 Slim version with all vehicles, including Unicorns Cars, all the artwork and all the setups, The hard drive would be suitable for the task of course. The 360 shell would be nicely painted to reflect the event. Though navigating all that artwork would probably freeze the 360, which would be something to look into.

There is quite a unique aspect to this game. Its long existence has made it a rich ground for collecting beautiful artwork, things that will not be available for long and would be lost then.

If you’d like any help on FM4 still, let me know and I’ll see what I can hook you up with.
Got tons that I have saved already, but I can help put together cars for you to adjust to your needs, plus give you your own special livery.
I can spare some credits, so no worries there. Shoot me a friend request on XBOX Live and I’ll be glad to help
. GT: SpencerMA71R

Thank you, I’m sending you a Friend Request, I do have a livery that its my best I will add your tag to it as my thank you. I hope you likey. Not sure if any of my mics are working but I will leave this open in case mic craps out. Its been a while.

I’m going through all the tracks via Hot Lap by Class and by track order, currently I am on Class B Road Atlanta. I ran the two tracks but the car set up its too slow and I can go faster but not with set ups. I’ve taken the set ups I have to the limit but need something more. From there is all the way up till R1. I don’t have all the really expensive ones from F to S, the ones that go for millions, none of those. Need to purchase a lot from R3 to R1.

I look at the leaderboards and look at the top cars choices and if I have them then I look for a setup and do five laps and regardless I end it… Record the replay for a project aimed to see what other things can be done with FM4 and turn it into something else.

Thank you SLOWDRIVER4180 for the 50 million, I immediately bought all of R3 class and decided to keep 10+ mil for setups as I move forward. Concentrating today on B Class. Unless the servers are indisposed.

Still have to buy other classes so if anyone can pretty please donate to the cause. Since the servers were acting up I decided to concentrate the last 3 days in racing the R2 class in the Events Races so my experience with the R2s is starting, they are super fun. I read or misread somewhere that the estimated cost for purchasing all the cars in the game was in the 50Mill which last night I realize that no its a lot more than that.

If you race event races when the servers are offline; Does the game upload those scores and add them to the leaderboards? I think it does but I’m not sure. I would ask the same of the Free Run.

Did a lot of races on the Event Lists, Class R2. Have about 3 event to finish before the championships on R2. Its almost done. Still on B for the overall races and if the servers keep with the hiccups I will stick to finishing the events lists.

Got a paint job. Actually several as it is part of a larger project.

  1. I would like to have an official car with the Stiglis Academy racing livery and a nicely shape crest . The Pagani Zonda I think. Its late, I’ll explain about the academy later.

2 The other is a Chevy Spark with an improved version of something that I made which you can see in the intro logo.
The very intro has a Spark I would like to improve on the actual. I like mine even though I can admit that its modest in scope and design cause its not my thing.

3. The artwork for Fatherino Productions and MotorWorks all star is produced in FM4 but I’m wondering if you guys with the actual design skill can improve them.

Fatherino Productions, thats me, created Motorworks All-Star TEST DRIVE which is a company that creates racing content through a series of different recreational shows in different themes and in different tracks. Managing that task leads to an approach from the Stiglis Academy and an agreement was reached. Tracks are modeled from existing tracks and the Stiglis Academy Bernese Alps Headquarters and in their other racing parks complexes. The Stiglis Academy adopted the racing gear of one who some ppl say were actually not one but many. All of us included.

sorry guys, I stepped off for a bit. saw your messages, grinding on R2 for a bit

I managed to get all but for the last 3 events in the R2 class championship. That’s 6 races left. I think I will head back into the b class run and do the 2 full course laps on Fujimi and moving on finishing B. I still need some Credits so If anyone can help with that.

I get all these ideas and I am always blubbering them out to my kids. My daughter got a bit nippy about it and said she did not want to hear anymore ideas and I should at lease do one. So Motorworks All Star Test Drive is that. I have about 800+ replays that I can process into something that maybe only I will ever truly enjoy and when faced with all that work and no viewership as a reward discouragement should be the thing to follow. Yet, I do have to wonder if you can have a complex idea that requires developing a much broader skill set and you have to navigate an uncertain course in order to develop it; Have you gained something at the end? A sort of checklist item.

BTW I dont know much about cars

Completed all of the runs on B class. Did 2 laps on both full Fujis. The attention to not F up was mighty, still while running them I did feel slow on the cars, maybe a better tune, more accel, as always I suppose. Selected the cars and left everything ready to begin on A class, About to break a goal barrier for me, with that Ill get a hint as to the increment of ascension, it will slow I suppose.

Its close to 2 in the morning here. When I was a kid we began to see pinball machines and obiousfuc*lingly competition formed to see who could keep it rolling the longest or who got the highest personal score. I found it curious that the score keeping per game is something not considered and does not remain as part of the historical record of the player. Such a thing could have never been done when we were playing pinball machines. Who would have cared? Is it a feasible thing, now?

Those two full runs in Kaido and it felt odd in a good way. I had a playlist running on the puter high but low enough to hear my engine. My hands started to crack and peel but horribly and horribly quick too. The skin on both my thumbs were having an alergic reaction to the wheel and in less than 2 hours the skin had dried and began to actually crack to the juicy meat. Got some old new gloves and applying lotion for correcting the issue. Weirdly it feel kind of neat, I know its dumb but still, It was super fun.

Managed to get to the Fuji tracks on Class A. Going to bed. Almost to the next goal post,

Spencer please please send me a list of those four cars. I just accepted them thinking and now I’m lost, pleeeeeeease. Thank you! Need something now for Hockenheim ring on A class. times are super sucky and I need options! Maybe one of those.

Thank You Spencer for the gifted cars, I will use that last photo too. Took a closer look at all the cars you sent, nothing but praise. I added the cars to a BCT list to have quick access. Still a bit stuck on Hockenheimring on Class A. The liveries, thank you for that too. Im sending you something for improvement. A logo, your interpretation of it, please

YES! Just now managed to break into the Top 3k, I didnt think I’d get this low or high as it were. Not sure on the meaning of such a small thing. One more check on an endless list of unearned check marks. Still got to get to the end…

Spending the morning handling game matters and going to keep pushing on A Class in a minute, my wife and son are getting tattoos so time is a plenty. heading into Laguna Seca

I am placing 4 Diablo GTRs with the only livery I’ve created that I really really like. I’m only doing four versions, each one numbered. The price is set at 50 Mil cause I want to have most of the credits issue solved and move forward without that hanging over my neck. Super high, I know. Please help. me with that if you have the creds to spare.

listening to this, please enjoy

I need a 2006 Lotus Exige Cup class A set for Laguna Seca. If someone can hook me up. the settings I got are meh. This track is not razor friendly.

Last night was like a drain of energy. I kept popping in and out and I was just drained. Woke up with a killer back pain and my neck is all kinked. Thinking about taking one night out a week and just enjoying multi for the brief time it has left.

Sitting exactly at 2800. I guess the next ceiling is the 2K one.

I was speaking with my wife and told her that just getting to the 3K was enough, even if It were to slide down after that. Everything after that is just gravy.

In driving online I realize that I’ve been racing too much on my own so I never get the advantage of seeing long time players leaving me long in the dust, but we soldier on. The car setups are far from what I have but it was the line and speed, like a bullet train marching on rails ever faster. At some point I was just stupefied at the speed… STUPEFY!

I realize that I’m using the gear shift to slow down into the turn and sometimes I’m past the apex and still unnecessarily slowing, Hugging too tight on long curves that should be taken more widely to maintain optimum speed while in the arc. Sometimes it feels like weight management that dangles from an invisible pendulum that strays out but snaps back into place. Exiting the apex there is a throttle management that changes with all the cars. Hard to fine tune it on a specific car when I’m always changing. cars and setups, no bitching, just saying, All this things surface once I went online which made it all the more worth it.

I have to do both full Fujis, both Lemans, the ring in class A and the last 2 track courses. in Twin and Tsukuba. Got to revisit all tracks in Sebring and Silverstone, for class A, need a car setup for both tracks, Im not sure what car to use…

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Hi Razor. How long are you planning on this project? Top 2000 a worthy goal. Top 1000 only possible if you have the test tracks. (So I have read anyway).

How long for the project? I’d say till all classes are ran, then a look at the worst scores than can be improved with maybe a better setup, the manual setup with a clutch would be hard to beat with the racing wheel but I enjoy it too much to change. Plus I’ve noticed an improvement on my racing as I progress in the classes, maybe that will increase with time. Most improvement comes from seeing the possibilities when racing online and the long haulers tend to be fair and merciless in their vigor for pushing fast. Its a credit to their ability to harness their attention while having to perform on the very edge of the optimum race line at the optimum pace. Mess up and the need to be more flawless increases. Got to be more available for the online but everything going on.

I’ve noticed that for me there is a constant effort to be present and fully on the wheel each and every time. Had a low score in one of the Fuji stages and it felt like I should have restart it. It didn’t seem fast, really more like a steady pace, there were no squeals of tires, very boring maybe I should restart cause I’m going slow but the score was in the 500s, WHHAAAAAT!, still a mile from the leader.

Top3K is goal achieved for me. This is more of a lets just see how high. No test tracks, I guess I’ll see :frowning:

Chin Up!