A Message to the Motorsport Community - January 2024

@SolidStDriver your sentiments on the AI echo my feelings 100%. I’ve stuck with the game in hopes of positive changes. There have been a few minor steps forward. But far to many steps back. And more and more T10 is showing the lack of care going into the game.

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Has this been abandoned @T10ManteoMax?


And here we have the question asked. Will we find the question unanswered is the question answered?

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May update and some patch details here: A Message to the Motorsport Community – May 2024


Yes, I saw that. It was nice to see. It’s progressing in the right direction.


It’s not a fix to the AI but why don’t you just use the rewind when you get rammed / brake checked rather than restart. It’s hardly immersion breaking when you’re racing the worst AI ever seen in a racing game anyway.

Should we be expecting our next quarterly update message this month?