A likely dumb question

I’ve fairly little experience with racing games other than a few Forza games (mostly Horizon 1 & 2) and more casual things like online GTA races and such.

Here’s the likely dumb question: Does revving the engine during the countdown (holding down right trigger) and only releasing it once the countdown is done affect the launch at all?

Like I said, likely dumb question because I’m fairly inexperienced in racing games, and in games that are decidedly more arcade (from GTA racing to Mario Kart) the player gets a speed bonus for only pushing down the pedal at the last split-second.

Thank you.

There’s no Mario Kart-stye launch boost in Forza games. You have to launch with the appropriate revs for the car and surface.

There is no launch bonus or launch control.

You don’t want to spin your tires and leave 11’s at the starting line if you want to launch quickly. What that means as far as revs before the “GO” varies by vehicle, build, and tune.

Thank you both.

You can do all the technical stuff, practicing launching each car in your garage with every build/tuning set-up you might use. Or, you can just soot for the biggest burn-out you can muster just to have fun and make up the lost ground once you’re on the way. That’s the beauty of it: there’s no wrong answer!