A horizon story about cars featured in famous movies/tv shows and a rant about stories in general

I think this would make for an interesting horizon story that actually will have story to it. Maybe not necesarily for horizon 5 maybe for the next horizon game…

And im saying that because horizon stories definitely need to be improved so its not just drive from point a to point b get 3 stars to complete. Theres not much depth in that and they can feel very repetitive and boring. And for the most part they arent very inventive. The dialogue, the characters can only express excitement because everything is amazing and exciting… Which makes them flat uninteresting and unrelatable thefore very unrealistic.
It does seem like the dialogue was written for children but even kids tv shows have stakes. And horizon doesnt. Please dont treat us like kids.
Also horizon stories shoudlnt be a 12hour read on history (talking about hot wheels origins story)

If you’d like to know what is wrong with horizon stories watch on youtube Whitelight’s video - Horizon isnt a 10/10. He makes some really good points towards the end of his video about horizon stories, characters and dialogue. And i resonate with that 100%

Link: Forza Horizon 5 Is Not a 10/10 - YouTube

Ps: This video is probably the best most well constructed feedback you can find

Driver San Francisco had Movie Challenges that were nice little tributes to famous car movies and videos. Horizon should do this too. There are plenty movie cars in the game and the map should offer fitting locations for them.

Driver San Francisco Movie Challenges:


what about a story with all the transformers car ranging from optimus prime to barricade using the peterbuilt 379 for optimus to the cars they used for the auto bots and decepticons that transformed in to cars

wacky racers expansion pack please

too old