A few problems I have with this game

Well, first of all, I love this game and the problems are small but sometimes quite annoying.

The first problem is sometimes not that small maybe, but I’m not sure if it’s just me… but I get disconnected from the online session pretty frequently and sometimes it doesn’t even find one. I double check if my internet is working well and it is. In fact, this is the only game where I have this problem.

The second topic: filters. Why do they keep resetting? I want to always see the cars ordered by value and if I don’t want to anymore I will change it, don’t reset it for me. And maybe I want to check constantly the price of a specific car in the auction house, don’t make set the filters hundreds of times.

Third and last (for now)… maybe I can’t find it but I believe there is no way to see the stats of a car outside your garage or autoshow. If I’m randomly checking suggested auction cars, I have no way to tell if they are worth the price or what kind of car is it. Some cars are pretty famous, but others not so much (in terms of memorizing the stats I mean). I unlocked the Zenvo yesterday but until I got it, I had no idea how the car was.

This is my first Forza Horizon game and really loving it so far.

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This is my first Forza game and I do love it. It’s beautiful and loads of fun, but if I could add to your list?

Live event non-participants. How is it fair when 12 players show up to a live event and 9 of them don’t participate yet they still get the forzathon points? This is happening more and more. Some mechanism is needed to prevent this… like a player can’t be idle at an event for an extended period, or they have to have contributed to the scoring in order to be awarded points. Why should I bust my hump trying to complete events that fail because no one else is helping? This is really killing the live events.

To expand on your third point: In the auction house it would be helpful to see what car mastery perks have already been unlocked by the previous owner or have them reset when the car is sold. A friend bought a car with a 300k cr mastery perk only to find the previous owner had already claimed it so he couldn’t despite paying more than the car’s value. Plus why should anyone pay for a car when I can’t get its full user value?

Those are my two main complaints. Otherwise, I really am enjoying the game immensely.

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Oh I never thought about those 2, specially the second since looks pretty obvious and easy to implement! I got 2 cars form the auction and were brand new so it didn’t happen to me… yet.

Some people are already talking about how nice it would be to sell the cars (not auction) so I didn’t want to touch that topic.

To continue with the idea of filters, something that works in a similar way and also resets, is the tracked route when you change the car. You mark a spot, you realize it would be better to just cross it with a Jeep and change, and then you have to go back and track it again.

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