A Couple Things Worry Me

  1. I’ve been trudging my way through Forza Horizon 2. It’s long and tedious which is compounded by the announcers who won’t shut up and let you select anything on the map or the right car. My worry, looking at the achievements and playing the demo is that there won’t be enough to do throughout the weeks. I mean, in the demo, we earned the XP to go to autumn in like 2 hours. If that’s how it is in the full game, that’s not good. Because 2 hours in and we’re just sitting there, messing around for a week until the next season starts. That’s almost as bad as driving to every championship. I guess there’s bonus boards and stuff, but after those, then what? I know after a month, you earn your freedom, make sure there’s stuff to do for a week. OR, lower the XP earned from races.

  2. What season are Early Access people gonna start it? I mean, technically, they’d start in Winter, but who knows. If they start in Summer, they’ll finish everything they can do by the time the game actually releases. Which, if you’re worried about crushing servers when a game launches, I guess that’s fair, but then you shouldn’t have put it on Game Pass.

So, I guess, what I’m worried about mainly is Forza Horizon 4 becoming Forza Horizon 2 for the first month. Because art directors at Playground REALLLLLY want you to see all their hard work. Which is fair, but that also made Horizon 2 terrible. I mean, I’ve spent as much time in road trips as I have actually racing. Artificially increasing the amount of time to 100% the game is actually more annoying than anything else. Especially if there’s nothing to do. Hopefully, we’re not sitting around for 6 days a week waiting for the new season.

If you’re judging things based on the demo … only a small fraction of the actual races, challenges, events, etc. were unlocked in the demo. There will be plenty to do.

Plus, the full game´s gonna feature nearly unlimited different events due to the updoming route creator

The beginning of the game features a prologue section that takes you through all 4 seasons before dropping you into the weekly season rotation. According to Ralph Fulton it should take an average of 6 hours to complete this prologue. After this you can use the Blueprint feature to set of a race event in any season you want.

Horizon has always been a summer festival in previous games, So week one will most likely be summer, so if the early access weekend for Ultimate Edition is a different season it would be spring.

If you find Horizon 2 long and tedious, this may not be the game for you.


I guess that helps. You could then just go through all the previous races in all the seasons for fun.

Which doesn’t arrive until November with the first update after launch.

It was long and tedious. I don’t might the long part, but yeah being forced to drive between seven different locations every four races with 168 championships gets a bit old. Which is why not a lot of people have actually completed Forza Horizon 2. I mean, I just got the Win 100 Championships achievement and it says only .6% of players have gotten that. But, Horizon 2 had lots of issues. It’s easily the worst in the series.

It would make sense if anything from the demo carried over. Which it doesn’t. Also it makes less sense when you think that seasons are supposed to change every week, but the don’t in the demo. So, who knows. But I think you’re right about it starting in Autumn. I believe I remember hearing that at one point. But that also makes the “You’ve unlock Autumn! I hope you can find something to keep you busy the 3 WEEKS until then” rather…annoying? I think that’s the word.

Route Creator isn’t in the release, and I thought an interview said the game will start in autumn which makes sense, since the demo starts you in summer and makes you believe you’ve unlocked autumn

I think only the early access will start in Summer. The official release will start in Autumn. Also mentioned by Ralph in one of the interview. He talked about the Prlogue part in that same interview. The demo is the first part of the prologue and you can clearly see that some achievements are linked to that part. Interview YT

Hmm…I feel like my worries were legitimate. I mean, there’s nothing to do between seasons. And what happens when you actually HAVE done everything in the seasons? Repeat all the races? I mean, you’re giving us the custom route maker at the end of the month, but…I don’t know why you couldn’t have made new routes for each season. And it seems like the Stories are supposed to have more than one season, so why not make MORE of those for each season. Like 10 new races and 10 new Chapters per season, it’d be fun. And…WHY did you spill all the Showcases at the beginning? And you don’t even get the car used in the showcase anymore.

I don’t know. Seems there’s just…not a lot to do anymore other than wait for the new seasons/cars. But it’s fine, there’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Spider-man and other games to play whilst I wait.

Also, to teleport anywhere, you HAVE to buy a 2 million credit, in-game house. Which seems excessive. So, until you get that house, you have to drive everywhere. So it DOES suffer from the Forza 2 syndrome kind of.

Heck, at least make the Showcases playable in different seasons. It’d make 'em interesting. Imagine racing the hovercraft in the snow?

So what’s so different about needing to get through the skill tree in FH3 to get Travel anywhere? 2 Million Credits is waaaay faster to get than the ~30 skillpoints needed to get Travel anywhere back then together with the skills you have to unlock before even unlocking that perk.

It’s just a little obstacle so you have to play the game in order to get stuff. No idea why people keep complaining about this…

I always find the notion of fast travel in these games amusing, the driving is the fun part, if you don’t enjoy the driving parts then why are you playing?!?

It depends what I’m doing. For the most part I agree, but last night I was trying to get a tune set up on my Mk.III Land Rover and was using the Titan to test it. I used the fast-travel to move back and forth from the event to the garage just to save some time.

If I’m just bimbling about finding races though I’ll rarely, if ever, use fast travel. In fact I didn’t fast-travel at all until I’d got all the roads, done all the events at least once, got all the bonus boards so it was free, and the house to give fast travel anywhere. I was having too much fun hooning about to even consider fast travel. Now I’m closer to the “end-game” where I focus in on individual cars I’ll probably use it more but I’ll still spend a lot of time driving between events in my favourite cars once they’re tuned to my liking…